SAVE THE WHARF – February 1, 2017

Welcome to February 2017 and the first walk of the month, I hope you enjoy it. There was not a cloud in the sky but a chilly 29 degrees F.

Mount Baker was standing tall in the morning light with a large accumulation of winters snow.


I titled this blog “Save the Wharf” because it’s having some problems but it’s not alone. Coupeville, being a historic town, has many old buildings that are well over a hundred years old. Add to that we’re a seaside village that suffers the effects of salt water and high tides. It’s a constant battle to keep our historic buildings in good condition.

A great example of that is Cottage on the Cove, a wonderful place to say when visiting Coupeville, or at least it was. I’ve had a number of friends and relatives stay there and they’ve always loved it.

It was built in 1904 and sits on the bank just above Penn Cove. The banks have been slowly eroding away and causing lots of problems.

Here’s “Cottage on the Cove”.


This is the sign beside the door telling the history of the building.


They have gone to extraordinary efforts to keep it from falling down the cliff. This big steel cable goes from these large concrete blocks completely around the building and ties into concrete blocks on the other side. Hopefully that will keep it safe until it can be fixed.


The most iconic landmark in Coupeville is the wharf. The wharf is 110 years old and one of the largest wharf’s of its kind in Washington State and the country. Unfortunately it’s starting to have some problems that need immediate attention.

To help save the wharf the town has started a fund raising drive to get enough money to fix it. This is the sign that tells about the repairs.


There is a collection box where you start walking out to the building. If you live here or if you are visiting here please swing by and drop a few bucks into the box. Here’s the full story off the wharf’s history and the fund drive. There is a place on the web page where you can donate. Please help us save our wharf!


Thanks for the company on my walk, I really appreciate you joining in. If you have any friends that might like to walk around Coupeville and Ebey Prairie please share my blog with them and encourage them to subscribe. Thanks!!!

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