Bird Houses – February 27, 2017

This morning I decided to start the week off with a nice easy three mile walk. As it turns out that was a great decision. It ended up being 3.3 miles and the last three tenths of a mile was in the rain and sleet, it was 35 degrees F!

Along the way I spotted these two “Bird Houses” that seem to have a propensity for attracting seagulls. Of the 3.3 miles I walk these were the only houses with seagulls, I really am curious as to what’s attracting them to that particular location.


Here’s  a couple of close-ups of the two roofs.


Out at the high school ball field, along the edge of the Ebey Prairie, I spotted this sign on one of the dugout’s. It sounds like the Coupeville Wolves are really getting serious about winning this year.


And now I’ll hang up and dry off! Thanks for walking with me and onward to a new week!

3 thoughts on “Bird Houses – February 27, 2017

  1. The lady who lives in the house on the left in this picture feeds them as well as deer. Don’t you know the owners on the right of this house love having to clean their roof al the time!!!

  2. Hi Ken, I agree with Carmen. The owners who Don’t feed the gulls must get real tired of that mess in their yard besides having to get someone up on the roof to clean it. That mess could sure wreck their shingles. The sign about the ball team could apply to most everything. If You give don’t do your best in whatever you are doing don’t waste your time or anyone else’s. Sorry You got caught in the rain but thanks for walking & showing us some different pictures Hope tomorrow is a better walking day for you.

    • Thanks Hellen, The town discourages people from feeding the local animals especially the deer. It’s hard to tell someone not to feed the birds but at the same time encourage them to have little bird feeders. It’s always a slippery slope out there.

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