LOVE BIRD’S – June 30, 2017

Two days in a row, how about that?

This morning I’ll take you on a little over three mile walk around Coupeville. It was a foggy morning so it made taking photographs a little tricky but like my brother Ron always says, “On a foggy day take foggy pictures”, so that’s what I did.

First up, “The Wharf”. I liked the way these flowers framed the foggy wharf.

Foggy Wharf with Flowers

Out on the wharf I looked back at the backside of Coupeville’s Front Street, huh?

Front Street From Wharf Fogg

And then I spotted my old friend “Frank” the Great Blue Heron. Here he’s sitting on his favorite pole, flanked by foggy sailboats in the background that are anchored in Penn Cove.

Frank in Fogg with Boats

He was posing so nice I think he wanted a close up so I obliged. Frank’s happy now and I got a great shot.

Frank in Fogg

And finally on the backside of the wharf, on the gas dock, were two Pigeon Guillemont’s kissing! It was a beautiful display of affection as they kissed over and over. Is nature great or what?

Pigeon Guillemont Kiss

That should wrap this week and now onward to what should be the start of the Fourth of July holiday.

Thanks for walking with me and I’ll knock on your door soon so we can do it again.


5 thoughts on “LOVE BIRD’S – June 30, 2017

  1. A fine job of capturing Coupeville’s special, natural qualities, in pix as well as prose, Ken!

    Steve >

  2. Something made me go back to see what you were photographing around this time in a previous June, and look what I found: Compare this gorgeous photo of the wharf in fog with roses in the foreground to your June 17, 2015 shot of nearly identical composition, without the fog!

    • Interesting, I’ve never compared pictures from year to year. I guess my brain works in a strange way. I liked it then and I like it now and will probably surprise myself in another year or two while walking down the Front Street trail and spotting the wharf through some roses 😉

      • Well, you have a whole series of shots of our iconic wharf, easily several years of calendars (have you considered doing one?) or a coffee table book.

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