MADRONA TREE – July 11, 2018

Before we get started I’d like to welcome the new people who have signed up to receive my blog in their email. I can’t be positive but I believe they are here because someone told them about my blog and thought they might enjoy it. That’s how my readership grows , by word of mouth, so please do your part and share my blog, “the more the merrier”!

This morning I passed a rather strange house on the edge of town. I believe the house is empty but they sure don’t want anyone messing with it. And here I always thought Coupeville was such a friendly little town. I think I’ll pass this house up next Halloween.

Crazy House

On a happier note, the road from Coupeville west runs along Penn Cove and is lined with beautiful Madrona trees. It’s a beautiful drive and if you ever visit Coupeville I recommend taking Madrona Way out of town instead of the highway. It’s almost as fast and much more beautiful.

Here’s one the the trees that line the road, the really are pretty.

Madrona Tree

That’s all I’ve got for you today but I hope you enjoyed it. You can now continue with your day. Thanks for walking with me.

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