This blog was born out of suggestions by friends on Facebook saying that I needed to post my pictures to a blog.

Most days I walk approximately seven miles around the town of Coupeville, WA, Ebey Reserve and Whidbey Island. Whidbey Island part of the San Juan Islands northeast of Seattle.

Whidbey Map

Map credit: Go Northwest

Whidbey Island is approximately 41 miles long and ranges from 1.5 to 12 miles wide. It has approximately 148 miles of saltwater shoreline.

Coupeville was founded in 1853 and is the second oldest town in Washington State. It is named after Captain Thomas A. Coupe a tall ship captain that settled on Whidbey Island. Today Coupeville has 1,831 residents

Coupeville resides within the boundaries of the Ebey Reserve and is the only town in the United States that is in a Reserve. Here are the boundaries of the reserve.

ebey reservePhoto credit: National Park Service

I love to take pictures of the area and tell people about the rich history of this small town and area.

There are many stories about the area and some are founded and some are not. I would like to keep this blog as accurate as possible so if you have information that corrects the historical statements I make I’d love to hear from you.

Historical references include:

The Island County Historical Society

“A Particular Friend, Penn’s Cove” By Jimmie Jean Cook. Available at the Island County Historical Museum, Coupeville.

“Sea Captains of Whidbey Island” By Whidbey Island Chapter #6, The Daughters of the Pioneers of Washington. Available at the Island County Historical Museum, Coupeville.

“Ancestral Walls” By Sally Hayton-Keeva. Available at the Island County Historical Museum, Coupeville.

“Images of America, Coupeville” By Judy Lynn, Kay Foss, and the Island County Historical Society and Museum. Available at the Island County Historical Museum, Coupeville.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and commentary I provide.

Ken Bloomquist

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  1. I saw your comment on leaf and twig. I’ve been blogging for about a year and unless you have hundreds of followers you won’t get many people who comment. I have over 150 followers and rarely get comments. The people who do comment, always comment. Most will check out the pictures and hit like, some don’t even do that. I like to comment, it’s just more personal. Great idea for a blog. I’ve have been to Oregon but not all the way up to Washington. Will follow and comment.

  2. I’m so happy I found your blog and can’t wait to start going thru all, yes all of your posts! I moved away from WA in 1996 but still love it and get nostalgic about anything Island and Skagit County. We we married in Coupeville, 1976. So glad we will be able to go back ther thru your blog! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the glider rocker plans on RunnerDuck Eggspress. I made the rockers (albeit simpler) and am ecstatic about them. Again, many thanks. Drop a line if you want to see what a simpler woodworker did with your plans

  4. Hi Verlee, thanks for asking. I’m just fine but really busy designing and building a teardrop trailer, trying to get it ready for summer camping. I hope to start walking and blogging again but for now I’m just super busy.

  5. I think you have finished blogging. I sure enjoyed them & have a couple of pictures saved for screen savers on my PC. Will miss you. May you keep well and God Bless You for sharing your part of the world.

  6. HI Hellen, I hope you are wrong about that, I really do plan to get back to walking and blogging but I’ve been busy on my project from sun up until sun down all summer long. I’m finally getting near the end and then I do hope to get back out there and rejoin with all my blogging friends.
    Stay tuned,

    • I haven’t really promoted selling them but I have sold a couple in the past. A lot of people have encouraged me to put up a site to make them available but just haven’t done it. The few I’ve sold went for $75 plus shipping.

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