I’m always happy that the sun comes up every day but unfortunately we don’t get to see it every day. We’ve had a run of cloudy mornings lately but this morning was sunny and very special. I hope you like today’s offerings.

This photo almost looks like I’m looking down at reflections of the sunrise on the water but it’s clouds that are so nicely lit up.


Looking west the sky was pretty as well with these Canada Geese flying in the foreground.


Further out on the Ebey Prairie Reserve I though this tule fog surrounding the farm was nice.


It appears that “Sherman’s Pioneer Produce Farm” is open for business. Every year they put out these big hay rounds painted like Jack-O-Lanterns.



Back in town they are making progress on replacing the perfectly good ADA ramps with new ADA ramps, I guess we have money to burn.


I spotted a new scarecrow this morning in front of an insurance company. It’s kind of a play on words as the Coupeville High School Mascot is the “Wolf”.


And finally out on the wharf I saw that the tide was in so no beach to rest on for the seagulls. I guess the roof of the wharf does just fine.


Enjoy your hump day unless your retired, then there’s never any hump 🙂


I had strange weather for my walk this morning. We had .16 inches of rain between 3:00 am and 6:00 am so it looked like I’d walk in rain but when I left the house at 6:45 it just looked threatening. By the time I got out to the Ebey Prairie there was blue sky to the west, clouds with some clearing to the east and a low fog bank rolling in.


The fog rolled on in and then left almost as fast as it came.

I noticed this sort of eerie Madrona  Monster. It’s a knotty hole in a Madrona tree.


Out on the wharf I snapped this picture of a Heron and two sailboats. I though it made a nice composition.


As a final note, this weekend is the Oyster Run in Anacortes. It’s the largest gathering of motorcycles in the state. The actual event is Sunday but bikes will start showing up this Friday and last through Sunday. Many of the motorcycle drivers will stop in Coupeville.

I believe the town is getting ready for all these “OLD” bikers by putting in ADA ramps 🙂


Sorry my biker friends I just couldn’t resist.