THE OLYMPICS – September 22, 2017

This is running a little late because I walked six miles this morning and that took a while. Then I had to sort through the sixty some photos I took and that ate up more of the morning.

I have a couple of corrections for last Wednesday’s blog. First off it wasn’t the first day of fall, today is.

Secondly, Coupeville was established in 1853 not 1953, jeez!

This morning I walked across the Ebey Prairie over to Ebey’s Landing. I wanted to get a good photo of the morning sun just as it was lighting the Olympic Mountains. Happily it didn’t disappoint. Here they are looking across Admiralty Inlet and Port Townsend.

Olympic Mountains first sunlight

This next photo isn’t all that great but it might be of interest to you. It’s a picture of a tug boat going out to meet a very large container ship. My best guess is that it will pull alongside and a Puget Sound ships pilot will board the ship to take it into Puget Sound. The waters can be a little tricky and boat traffic can be a hazard. The pilots always do this with large ships so they arrive at their dock without incident.

Container Ship & Tug

At the Sherman Prairie Produce farm I spotted these huge pumpkins. They are already getting ready for Thanksgiving. They always have great displays and lots of things for families to do, besides buy pumpkins.

Sherman Farm big Pumpkins

Back home our cactus has bloomed for the second time this year. This is the first time that has happened. Usually it gets five to seven blooms in early summer and that’s it. What a fragrant surprise, it smells even better than it looks.

Cactus Flower

Thanks for walking with me this week and now onward to the weekend. I hope you make it a good one 🙂


The weather gave me a break and I finally got off my derriere and went for a nice four and a half mile walk. I headed out to the Ebey Prairie to check things out. Along the way I spotted a herd of deer.  It’s pretty unusual to see six deer in one spot, but here ya go.

Deer Herd of Six

Then it was on to my final destination and why the sadness on the prairie. One of the most photographed farms on the prairie is the Willowood Farm built in the 1800’s. Here’s one I took a few months back.

Smith Farm Before

Unfortunately it no longer looks like that. Monday night, March 6th, the Smith barn caught fire and burnt to the ground. Here’s a photo from the South Whidbey Record newspaper taken by Whidbey Island Custom Photography.

Smith Barn Fire

Here’s the story in the South Whidbey Record. Not only was the barn a total loss but a lot of their farm equipment was destroyed as well.

The Smith’s have always been a very generous family often letting local groups use their barn for fundraisers. Now they need help! There is a “Go Fund Me” page that has been created for them. If you’d like to help please go to “” and give what you can, thank you.

And here’s the farm today. It’s kind of ironic that the mountains are gone as well as the barn, sort of sobering look. Hopefully with the generosity of many people they’ll have a new barn in the near future although it won’t be the historic one that burnt.

Smith Farm Burnt Barn

Just a comment about this photo, that is not smoke where the barn was, it’s a fog bank across Admiralty Inlet by Port Townsend.

Thanks for walking with me today and with any luck the weather prognosticator will be nicer to us next week. Have a great weekend!

REFLECTION – April 9, 2015

I hope I didn’t wear you out today as we walked 6.87 miles, whew!

I went on a big loop around Ebey Prairie over to Ebey Landing. Out on the prairie I spotted these barns reflecting in a small pond of rain water.


A little further out I spotted this scarecrow family apparently guarding the chickens and turkeys.


Here’s a nice long shot of Ebey Landing and Admiralty Inlet. This is where people came to Whidbey Island in the late 1800’s arriving from the Olympic Peninsula and on south to Seattle. They would take a horse and buggy or stagecoach from the landing to Coupeville.


 Just as I was nearing the landing I spotted these two eagles way up in the top of this big tree. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two eagles sitting in a tree that close to each other.


So I’m pooped and ready to get on with the day. I hope you make a great day as well.


Sorry I’ve been gone for a couple of days but this is the first morning in three days that it hasn’t rained. I find it difficult to find things to take pictures of with my rain hood up. Also my lens gets wet which isn’t good either. To further exacerbate the problem I don’t like walking in the rain so I don’t walk very far so not much interesting to see.

I’m glad to say that my Brother Ron has started up his “Walking Fort Bragg” blog again. He’s the one that inspired me to walk and blog around Coupeville. He finds many interesting things along his North California costal town that I think you’ll enjoy as well. Check him out at

But today there was actually some blue spots between the clouds and no rain, good weather is on the way. Here’s a shot of the wharf with a patch of blue in the distance.


So with that I posed a question to myself, “When  is a lawnmower not a lawn-mower?” I offer the following;

When you don’t pull the cord!


When you don’t turn the key!


When it or the owner is too old to push it!

31-mower4   31-mower5

31-mower6   31-mower7

And then I saw this oldie and I believe it might just still work.

And finally, “What’s wrong with these pictures?”

This our gray cat Ms. Kitty Kitty sitting in the middle of a gray street on a gray morning, nothing wrong here!


I’m afraid someone is not having a good day as I believe they might be up the proverbial “Creek without a paddle”! I saw this floating way out in Admiralty Inlet all by itself.


So that wraps up this week, have a good weekend.


This mornings walk through Coupeville, across the Ebey Prairie, over to Admiralty Inlet and back yielded nothing specific in pictures. So without a theme today I offer the following.

I’m guessing but I think after a night of grazing on our decorative plants in our front yard these deer needed and nap to digest the feast.


Next I saw this sign in someone’s window that made me laugh.


Just after I passed the hospital I heard a helicopter and it looks like someone is having a bad day. Our hospital is very nice but not what you’d call a “full service” hospital so quite often they will transport people who are in trouble by Airlift Northwest to Seattle hospitals. Oh and don’t worry about the power lines and trees, that’s an illusion from the telephoto lens.


On the way across the prairie is saw what I’d have call “true free-range chickens”. This guys are free to roam anywhere, there is no fence to keep them around. They must be happy there because I never see them crossing the road, but then why would they? 😉


Within this group of chickens I saw these Guinea Hens which I think are really cool looking.


When I got to the water on the southwest side of the island I spotted two large cargo ships, one coming and one going. There is a lot of commerce that goes through Admiralty Inlet.


Heading back across the island I notice that the crops are really starting to come in. This one was next to the old Ferry House at Ebey Landing.


And then there is this farmer that appears to be growing “Seagulls” 🙂


I snapped this shot of a beautiful 1892 farmhouse that looks like it could have been built yesterday it’s in such great shape.


And finally, as I had just crossed the highway that divides the prairie and Coupeville, the sky opened up enough to give me a great view of the Cascade Mountains and Glacier Peak. With the telephoto lens they look like they are just east of the island but in reality they are 75 miles away.


Enjoy your short week ahead after a nice three day weekend for many. Of course for us retired people it’s just another day.