Happy Monday all, I hope you are ready for a good week of walking as the weather is supposed to be spectacular all week long. By Thursday it could be in the low 80’s F in Seattle which means around 75 here on the island.

I kind of went crazy this morning in the lovely weather so I hope you don’t get bored with my photos before you get to the end.

At first I noticed some new signs that I liked. These two were on the same house.



This old farm sign is out on the Ebey Prairie.


I’ve always liked this mail box and the morning sun really made it pop.


The remainder of today’s photos are not signs but I liked them a lot and wanted to share them with you.

I love this farm and have taken numerous photos of it. What caught my eye this morning was the crop. I showed you that same crop a couple of weeks ago when it was first coming up. Our wonderful spring weather has really made them jump out of the rich prairie soil here on the island. I also like the Olympic Mountains peaking through the clouds in the background.


This Lilac bush was really showing its colors in the morning light. This is just a tiny portion of the bush, it’s really big!


And finally two photos of this old barn. The first is well lighted which really made it stand out. The second is what I found inside the door to the right.



Thanks for walking with me today and I look forward to having you along for the rest of the week!


This morning I had a good five mile walk that yielded some nice photos, at least to my eyes. I hope you enjoy our walk today and all that we saw.

This immature Eagle is just starting to come into it’s white head, won’t be long now.


Out on the Ebey Prairie I noticed that the spring planting of farmers is starting to sprout.


There are actually quite a few new fields that are starting to show signs of growth. Here’s a panorama of Ebey Prairie. If you click on the picture it will open up full size.


The Sherman Farm folks looks like they’ve put their hay-ride wagon in the barn until fall.


Daffodils are popping up all over the place, even where they weren’t planted by man. I spotted this wild daffodil along a fence row.


Speaking of spring flowers these Azalia’s were just beautiful together. They made for a colorful pink and blue photo.


Make a great day!


What a beautiful morning for a walk. Not too cold, no wind and just a little chilly, perfect! Along the way I saw more signs of Christmas with a Dinosaur Santa, huh?


On out toward Ebey Prairie I passed the junior high/high school where they have a “Rock”. I have seen this rock painted with things like “Bob and Judy Forever” and “Go Wolves” but this mornings message was especially nice as it went out to everyone who drove or walked by.


I’m not sure what this old farm building is but I sure do like it. I have no idea what it’s function was on the farm. It’s tall, square and not very big. Any ideas?


The Olympic Mountains were looking quite “Wintery” this morning making for “Winter Olympics”!


And just a little bit more Christmas spirit with this beautiful holly bush.


For all you working people, “What Day Is It”? For all you others enjoy your Wednesday.


This morning’s walk started out “dark” with very heavy cloud cover. About three miles into it the skies started to drip. It was one of those Pacific Northwet costal kind of rains where it’s not raining hard but it is soaking just the same and with the wind blowing 5 – 10 MPH it was difficult to take pictures. Because I wear glasses I tend to walk with my head down to keep my glasses dry. That is not very conducive to looking for good shots.

I just noticed something interesting, when I view my blog in a web browser and mouse over the photos they darken up a bit more like they look when I post them. Otherwise they tend to look a little washed out, hum? Give it a try and tell me what happens for you.

With that preamble here is my effort for the day.

Just to show you how dark is was I took this view overlooking part of Coupeville and Penn Cove.


I cut through Krueger Woods which has a nice trail although it too was quite dark.


Then I got lucky with the next two shots. It had lightened up enough to get something “photographic” for you. This barn needs some serious work but I believe it’s on the list of Ebey Forever Fund projects.


I really like  the rustic color of these doors and window.


That wraps up this week, I look forward to walking with you again next week.


This morning’s walk as out on the Ebey Prairie again after a big rainstorm and wind storm yesterday. It left lots of standing water in the farm fields and the reflections in this pond caught my eye.


I’ve been checking out this barn for a while and this morning the sun was just right for Mr. Canon  to get a good photo.


Over by Ebey’s Landing I looked across Admiralty Inlet to see what looked like Port Townsend burning. Of course for those who live around here knows that its’ steam from the Port Townsend Paper Company founded in 1928.


Back on my side of the island I saw these beautiful little Bubbleja Globosa, Orange Ball Bubbleja flowers.


I also saw this Lilac along the fence of our waste processing plant, how nice.


Down at the wharf there were two immature eagles. A early morning kayaker was getting up close an personal with one of them sitting on an old piling and lamp post.


The other eagle posed very nicely for Mr. Canon.


And finally for today I want to remind you about the upcoming Penn Cove Water Festival this Saturday the 18th. It’s a really fun time for families with lots of activities for kids and the Indian dugout canoes races are always fun to watch. You can read all about it HERE.


Have a nice day and please share my day with you friends using whatever way works best for you.