Once again I didn’t get out for a walk but I did want to share some more photos from our outing around Central Whidbey yesterday. This time I’m focusing on my new camera and seeing what it will do. Some of these have been “enhanced” with Photoshop but nothing too radical.

For some reason I focused on benches and flowers. I hope you enjoy them.

We stopped at the Hummingbird Farm to checked out their gift shop and gardens. While there aren’t any hummingbirds this time of year I did like this blue bench and pink roses.



I found this beautiful pink rose in their gardens as well.


At the Spinnaker B&B this white bench and red rose caught my eye.


Lavender Wind Farm had a nice bench hidden in the trees as well. I really had to look for it but I think the photo made it worth the hunt.


And finally, I’m not sure where I took this flower but I just really like the way the photo turned out.


I think I’m really going to like my new camera, once I get to know it better. I hope you enjoyed my photos and will come back for more!


This mornings walk was cool, 45 degrees F; breezy, gusts to 15 MPH; and raining. It made for an interesting walk that was only 4.8 miles long. When I have the hood up on my rain coat it makes it difficult to look around as usual for photo ops. I did notice a bench and thought that might make for something interesting.

There are a lot of places around Coupeville where people like to sit out and enjoy the scenery. A lot of seats face Penn Cove where you can watch sailboats and other water craft go by. So with that preamble here’s what I found.

This bench sits beside a small pond in these peoples front yard along with a view of the cove.


This one is interesting as it looks like vines could grow on it but I didn’t see any.


Here’s a nice place to spend an evening watching the sunset over a campfire.


I saw this one hanging under a tree down on Madrona Way. It too looks out to the cove.


This setting is next to one of my favorite heritage homes in Coupeville. It looks like a nice gathering spot with a campfire and glass of red?


It’s unfortunate that the perspective doesn’t show it but I think Lilly Tomlin lives in this house. This chair is about eight feet tall, just like the rocking chair Edith Ann use to sit in.


And just in cast you aren’t fortunate enough to live in Coupeville and have a chair there are numerous benches around town where you can enjoy the view as well. This bench, provided by the Lions Club, is in Captain Thomas Coup Park.


So come visit Coupeville. If you do be sure to wave or stop and chat with us on our front porch where we sit and watch the tide go in and out.


Thanks again for reading my blog, I hope you enjoy it. Please share the fun with your friends and family.