Once again I’ve been absent for a while. I have no good excuse except I’m lazy. I don’t like chilly mornings, I don’t like drizzle and I don’t like wind, but most of all I just find it hard to get out there in the dark. If I wait until it’s light so I can see where I’m going and what I’m taking photos of the morning is half over by the time I get home and get my blog put together.

The sun didn’t come up until 8:00 this morning but the good news is we’re gaining on daylight a wee bit each day.

So with that I bundled up this morning to brave the 36 degree F weather and headed out around 7:15am. I did manage to find a few things to photograph and I hope you enjoy what I saw.

First stop a Christmas Ship, well sort of. I like this boat that lives in this front yard and it had a nice Christmas wreath hanging on the bow.


A little further up the road I noticed this interesting bicycle/windmill hanging on a fence at Colleen and Rudy’s house.


Looking back from the wharf I could see the sun starting to rise over downtown Coupeville.


To the northeast, “Thar Be Snow In Them Thar Hills”! Yep Mt. Baker has really been piling up the snow totals.


It’s nice to have you back walking with me and I’ll try to do better in the future. We all really need the exercise!


Yesterday we left for points east and traveled the North Cascades Highway. It’s a beautiful trip that everyone should travel at least once in their lifetime. We stopped for a photo opp at the entrance to the park.


Here is a little bit of what you see along the way.



It was a toasty 100 degrees F when we arrived at Riverbend RV Part just outside of Twisp.


It’s located in the beautiful Methow Valley. That’s pronounced “Met-how”, you don’t say the “th” together like you might ‘th’ink. The campground is located right on the Methow River. This is the river this morning as I was starting my morning walk.


That’s right folks I did walk this morning and I hope you are walking with me because it was a beautiful morning. The temperature cooled down to a very pleasant 61 degrees but it’s supposed to top out at over 103 today, ouch!

Here are some shots of the Methow Valley area as we walk along the highway.


Unfortunately all this heat and dry weather is causing some very large forest fires. This appears to be a brand new one that’s starting up just to the north of our campground.


I was being watched as I walked by. It’s nice to have company so early in the morning.


This is looking down on our campground toward the Methow River.


Bug Test! Apparently they are doing some sort of bug test around here to see how many and what kind of bugs are in the area. It’s basically “fly paper” with a grid.


As many of you know my 73 year old brother Ron is traveling the same roads as we are but on a fully loaded bicycle. After going over the passes yesterday and the narrow hot roads along the Methow Valley I have to say he’s either my “hero” or a complete “idiot”!! This is one of the roads he rode on and you can see how narrow he shoulder’s are. Oh yeah, the speed limit along here is 60 MPH, Holy Crap! Better him than me. The good news is that he leaves each morning very early and stops well before noon.


And with that I’ll leave you to your “Hump Day”. Thanks for walking with me and hopefully we can do it again tomorrow.


What a difference a day makes. Yesterday it was 81 degrees F and clear today it’s cloudy, windy and 58. Once again I pretty much missed what sunrise there was but this is from my front porch.


I got a comment from my friend Rudy that I was giving credit to the wrong person. I should have been recognizing Colleen, his wife, for all the great bicycle yard art as well as the gas pumps I’ve posted in the past. Sorry Colleen! To make it right here’s today’s bike that she has so strategically placed in their front yard.


I quite often take photos of rusty farm equipment at Sherman’s Farm but I’ve called it different names in the past. To properly recognize them here’s the real deal.


While I was there I just couldn’t resist a nice photo of their 1947 GMC 500 dump truck pulling a 1949 Bay City model 65 straight-front cable shovel. While I’m sure it’s digging days are over it sure is an impressive piece of yard art!


In the past few days we have had an infestation of moths! Every porch light in town is surrounded by these little guys. They seem to go away as the day goes on but they are back each morning. This was taken in front of Coupeville Coffee and Bistro. Don’t worry they have no effect on the restaurant, they’re all over town.


Here’s what those cute little guys look like up close and personal. This is from in front of our house. Like I said, they’re everywhere.


Some clouds caught my eye this morning. I thought this string of clouds looked rather odd.


Also it looked like a second mountain had popped up behind Mt. Baker this morning.


Thanks for walking with me. Come back tomorrow and we’ll try to find some more interesting things around Coupeville to look at.


In the winter we often think of the clouds as having a very blue hue to them, look back at my last blog for some “blue clouds”. Maybe that’s why people often say they are “blue” during the winter months.

Today was “Gray”! There’s just no other way to explain it. Here’s an example looking over a farmers freshly plowed field. OK there’s a tinge of blue but trust me it’s “Gray”!


The foot bridge over Highway 20 caught my eye this morning with the gray background.


And not so gray was this old bicycle parked in this persons front yard. It’s been there for years and just needed to have it’s picture taken.


Not a lot to show for my efforts today but that’s the most lemon juice I could squeeze out the lemons 🙂