“THE BIRDS” – October 4, 2017

Another perfect morning for a walk. I only walked two and a half miles but it was at a brisk pace. Speaking of “brisk”, it’s starting to get chilly in the mornings. The last two mornings it’s been 42 degrees F, time for a coat.

Out on the Coupeville Wharf this morning I was reminded of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds”. The birds were very active this morning and seemed to be everywhere.

Seagulls on Wharf Roof

As a public service I thought I’d point out another defibrillator location. There’s a new one on the front of the Knead & Feed restaurant. That makes three that I’ve found. One on the west end of Front Street on Collections Boutique building, one south of town at the Prairie Center grocery store and now this one. Coupeville is going to be a great place to have a heart attack 😉

Knead & Feed Defibrillator

I spotted another witch this morning. This one is presented by the Coupeville Garden Club, a great group of people that work very hard to make our little town beautiful. This one is the “Wicked Witch of the Western Weeds”.

Garden Club Witch

Thanks for joining me this morning on my walk, I really like the company.


It’s hard to believe that October is already here, what happened to September?

This mornings walk was with the threat of rain but I made 4 1/2 miles without a drop. Along the way I saw a number of things that look like October. But first I want to share a couple of things that caught my eye.

This is our nemesis, the feared Raccoon! Well actually it’s our fish that fear the Raccoon’s. We have a large fish pond with 30 to 40 fish that the Raccoon’s just love to eat. We cover our pond with a net that detours them but they still try and often tear up our net.


With the national, state and city debt so high why are we replacing ADA sidewalk ramps with new ADA sidewalk ramps?


OK, the first real sign of October I saw was at our local Prairie Center grocery store.


Out on the Ebey Prairie I saw a lot more snow on the Olympic Mountains then before. You kind of have to look hard but the snow is about half way down.


Remember all the squash I showed you yesterday? They have been harvested and the field is empty.


The birds are really grouping up on the power lines.


And finally – BOO!


I hope you enjoy the month ahead as I’m sure we will.


It was foggy as I left the house this morning so didn’t expect a lot of photo-ops. But like my brother Ron, www.walkingfortbragg.com, always says; “When you have fog take fog pictures”. OK bro here ya go.

I like this shed that is being devoured by plant life and in the fog it’s even more interesting.


While shopping the other day I noticed that even though Halloween is over a month and a half away they had all the candy and displays out already. I guess they want to beat the Christmas rush, jezz. Any how I guess that inspired the next two photos.

First is one of several farms that are growing pumpkins and they are really starting to come on.


The cemetery took on an eerie look in the fog.


I’m always surprised where inspiration comes from when you are walking and gawking. I spotted these birds perched on the power lines. I thought it would make an interesting photo and it’s OK but not great.


When I got home and was editing down the days photos for my blog something odd struck me about this photo. It looked like sheet music to me. So I crudely Photoshopped it and came up with this. Anyone want to try and play a few bars?


And finally on the way back home I notices these chimney vents and thought they looked like 1550 Comb Morion Helmets.


What do you think?


Have a great day!