U.S.A. INDEPENDENCE DAY – July 4, 2018

It’s that time of year when the United States of America celebrate their independence. It’s a great time to look back at history to see what it really means. It’s also a good time to read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. So often, with all the emotion out there and a press that seems to enjoy pitting American citizens against each other, we forget about what this great country is all about and it’s foundation.

On my walk this morning I couldn’t help but notice all the good citizens of Coupeville displaying their colors in support for our country. Here’s a taste of what I saw.

Captain Joseph Clapp House, 1886.

Capt Joseph Clapp House

These are the condo’s down by the Coupeville Wharf.

Three Flags

My friend Rudy’s beautiful old house.

Rudy's House

I love the big porch on this house. I’d love to sit and swing a while there.

Big Porch

The Zylstra House, 1889.

Zylstra House 1889

The Lovejoy – Parker House, 1886.

Lovejoy-Parker House 1886

The Blue Goose Inn. John & Jane Kineth House, 1887.

Blue Goose

And finally, our front porch!

Porch Flags

I hope you have a great Forth of July. Have fun but be safe!

I’ll see you again soon. Thanks for walking with me!

TREE AND TWO HOMES – May 19, 2016

Well look at this, I’m back for a second day in a row!

It always amazes me to see things that I’ve walked by a hundred times and never noticed. Sometimes the morning light changes things enough to bring out those hidden gems.

This morning I noticed this beautiful, gnarly, old tree in font of the historic Williams House built in 1896. It now houses the Whidbey Island Conservation District office.


Here’s a closeup of the tree in the golden morning light.


Walking down Main Street I spotted this beautiful Victorian house with the blossoming rhododendron out front. It’s the Coupe-Gillespie House built in 1891. Today it’s the Blue Goose Inn.


And this just in; Marilyn took this photo of brand new fawns in our neighbors yard while I was typing. We believe that they were born in the last two days. The mother sure does seem to be bonding with her baby.


Thanks for joining me on this morning’s walk and hopefully we’ll do it again tomorrow.


This morning’s walk conjured up a bunch of “blue” songs, “The Bluest Skies You’ve Ever Seen”, “Blue Moon” (but no moon), “Color Me Blue”, etc. The reason was because of the blue skies I saw as I started out. But you might be surprised by my photos as I’m sure this is what you are thinking of. This is the Blue Goose Inn that I took near the end of my walk.


But that’s not the case. This is what started me thinking “blue”. This photo is looking out over Coupeville and I used no Photoshop on it at all.


Out on Ebey Prairie I saw the sun rising and you guessed it, it was “blue”!


Looking south toward the Olympic Mountains, “blue”.


Looking north across the prairie, “blue”.


Looking up at a Orion P3 sub chaser flying overhead, “blue”.


This farm has a nice “blue” background.


It may be a “blue” Friday but I’m a happy guy 🙂

Have a great weekend and please give a minute or two to remember our courageous veteran’s during this Veteran’s Day weekend.