COUPEVILLE SUNRISE – October 16, 2015

Oh boy I get to wrap up the week with another wonderful sunrise over Coupeville. This one was really interesting as the colors kept changing from flaming orange to pastel pink and blue.

This shot is looking east up Front Street, the old “main drag” of the town.


My friend “Frank the Heron” was standing tall in this silhouette.


A little further out on the wharf I caught Frank against the pastel beauty of Mt. Baker.


And speaking of Mt. Baker, here’s the sloop “Suva” docked at the wharf, again with Mt. Baker in the background.


What a wonderful way to end the week. I hope you have a fantastic weekend and that you can join me again next week for some more walks around Coupeville and the surrounding area.

GREAT BLUE HERON – April 30, 2015

Good Morning! Glad you could join me for a walk today, the last day of April, 2015. My-oh-my where do the days and months go?

I actually walked yesterday but only took two pictures and neither one was “blog-worthy”. That’s one of the few times I’ve been skunked.

This morning looked like it was going to be a repeat but then I got lucky down on the wharf.

As I was approaching the Coupeville Wharf I thought these flowers and what little sunrise we had would make a nice photo and it did except it’s a tad out of focus. I should have been carrying my tripod.


I spotted a nice big Blue Heron from the dock and chased it around trying to get a nice photo. Here’s the one I liked best. You usually don’t see that much blue on them, generally they are more gray.


Shortly after that photo it took flight and I tried to capture it with its wings out. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough light for a good fast photo but I kind of like how it turned out. It’s sort looks like a ghost bird with a ghost seagull chasing it. What looks like a second seagull below is actually a reflection in the water. My attempt at being artsy 🙂


I hope you enjoyed that and will join me again tomorrow. As always, thanks for walking with me.