AUTUMN AT ITS BEST – October 30, 2017

I’d like to remind you that if you are reading this on Facebook, please click on the link to see all the photos, I got some good ones today, thanks and enjoy.

It was a beautiful morning around Coupeville and a great day for a long walk. But before I get into that I wanted to share a few photos of our “Torchlight Parade” on Saturday. While there were no torches or floats there was a rather large army of crumb crunchers. As the costumed kids walked down Front Street the local merchants handed out treats. Here’s a shot of the arriving mob lead by the high school cheer squad and fire truck.

Full Parade

Now on to my walk. These red, fall, trees were unbelievable in the morning sunlight.

Red Trees Gray House

The Sherman Prairie Produce farm had this huge display of pumpkins. A nice contrast against the red barn.

Shermans Pumpkins

This big buck scared me as I didn’t see him until I was right next to him. This was right in front of the hospital.


And now for my “Phantastic Photo of the Day”. I actually took this Saturday afternoon on my way home from the parade. I don’t get many photos late in the day but I’m glad I got the opportunity to capture it. We call that beach house the “Popeye House” because it looks like a place where Popeye would live. Mount Baker is lit by the setting sun.

Mt Baker Sunset Poppey House 2 copy2 copy

I hope you have a fantastic week as we wrap up October. Thanks for spending the time with me.

TOO COLD! – January 5, 2017

TOO COLD! – January 5, 2017

I’m sorry folks but no walking around Coupeville today, it’s just too darn cold. It’s currently 22 degrees F and dropping. You can call me a “wimp”, “woos” or anything you like but I prefer to be called “Warm” in my nice little island home.

I did stick my nose out and took the rather frosty looking photo of my neighborhood from my front porch with Penn Cove in the distance.


Just for fun I though I’d share a couple of photos I took during my hiatus this fall. This young buck was just coming into his antlers. He’s going to be magnificent!


This sunrise was spectacular and almost looked to be on fire.


I hope you have a nice day and with any luck, and warming, we’ll go walking tomorrow.


This year Coupeville will be haunted with the help of the great plans from the Coupeville Chamber of Commerce. It all starts today and you can check out all the activities HERE!

The most notable thing you’ll notice as you drive through Coupeville are all the scarecrow’s! Every year there is a contest for the best scarecrow created by NonProfits, School Classes, Clubs, Scout Troops, Church Groups, Garden Clubs, or any other organized group. I’ll be posting many of them as the month goes on. Here’s the first one I’ve seen presented by the Lions Club.


The sunflowers are done blooming and that means it’s time for the animals to start dining on the seeds. This young buck seemed to really be enjoying them this morning.


Here’s something I’ve never noticed before, crab pots on the dingy dock. I have no idea why they are there or where they came from but they did make for a nice photo of the Coupeville Wharf.


I hope you enjoyed our little walk today and will come back tomorrow. Hopefully there will be a few less clouds.


I got up this morning at 4:45 and looked out the window at a beautiful sunrise. Unfortunately by the time I got dressed and out the door it had fizzled. But like always I started pointing and shooting and found some pretty and interesting photos for you to enjoy.

The closest I got to the sunrise was this nice shot of Mt. Baker.


On my over to Ebey Prairie I saw this little grouping of small yellow flowers nestled in a big rock wall.


Looking over the prairie the Olympic Mountains were standing majestically in the morning sun.


On the way back home this young buck is just coming into his horns. I thought he was a really handsome fellow that needed his portrait taken.


My friend Rudy is in the process of adding another bicycle to his yard collection. It looks like someone is delivering flowers.


Back at home Marilyn’s Tiger Lilly’s are in full bloom and needed to be documented.

06-26-14-tiger-lily-pink 06-26-14-tiger-lily-orange

I hope you enjoyed the flowers, have a lovely day 🙂


Actually I was never gone let’s just say I was taking a break. I have been walking most days but haven’t been uploading any pictures. Well that ends today as I found a few interesting  things to take pictures of.

It was sort of a foggy morning and daylight was just coming on when I left home at 6:30. Heading out on the prairie I noticed this old barn that is empty. I’ll post a photo in a few weeks when it is full of hay. It’s amazing how much hay they go through in a year, from a full barn to completely empty.


Coming back into Coupeville and out on the wharf I noticed this row of Seagulls perfectly spaced on the roof line of the wharf. I wonder if there is a rule in nature about how close one bird can be to the next.


I saw a couple of lovely old boats, one tied to the dock and the other on a mooring buoy. I’m not sure if these are old wooden boats on their way home from the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Show or if they are here early for the Coupeville Art of the Boat Show next Saturday the 14th.



And finally on my way home I saw this Buck. It’s the first one with big horns I’ve seen this season. To some people here on the island I’m sure this looks like food but to the nice people around Coupeville they are more like pets.


I hope you enjoyed having me back and I’ll try to start doing better.