FOR THE BIRDS – September 18, 2017

Happy Monday and welcome to another wonderful week in paradise!

This morning’s walk wasn’t all that long as we have threatening skies but I did spot a bunch of birds. First up, Frank, one of our great blue heron’s, flying low over Penn Cove.

Frank Flying Low Over Water

Down by the Coupeville Wharf there were hundreds of seagulls swimming around and standing on the beach. Here are just a few.

Seagulls On The Beach

I wondered what the attraction was and I think I found it. It would appear that the crabs are in and easy pray.

Seagulls with Crab

Our weather has really changed the last two days, almost as though a switch was thrown changing it from summer to winter. Here’s just one more indication. It looks like the Canada Geese are heading south!

Geese Flying South

Any my “beauty shot” for the day is some boats tied up to the dock basking in a beautiful Penn Cove sunrise.

Boats at Dock at Sunrise

There, that should start your week, it certainly did mine. Have a great week and, weather willing, we’ll do this again tomorrow. As always, thanks for walking with me!


I didn’t walk this morning but I did want to share a few photos I took around the house.

First off “Oh NO!” Please don’t tell me the Canada Geese are heading south already! Does this mean it’s going to be a long cold winter? This is the third flock that’s flown over our house using the same flight path.


Here on the island it’s fairly easy to grow Cherry tomatoes or Sweet 1,000’s but when it comes to Early Girls it takes all summer to hopefully get a couple. Here are our efforts so far this year. Remember it is September and they only have a few more weeks more to ripen. I’m sure we’ll get two but…


And I just like this photo of Marilyn’s Marigolds.


Still learning how to use my new camera but so far I really like it, I hope you do to!


Happy Monday of the first week of November, where do the days go?

This morning was another beautiful sunrise but it was accented by some very dramatic clouds. Once again there were also thousands of Canada Geese feeding in the fields of Ebey Prairie. I imagine they are bulking up for winter. I’ve also included three photographs that I really like from this morning’s walk.

So with that here are the clouds, no commentary required.





And here come the geese a lucky shot. Well not totally a “lucky shot” I took about fifteen pictures to get this one. Practice makes perfect 🙂


As long as we have birds I like this shot of a Red-Shafted Flicker.


This turn-of-the-century farm out on the Ebey Prairie looked very homey in the morning light.


And finally, I just can’t get enough of the old Coupeville Grain Wharf. The tide was in and in the morning light it was just perfect.


Have a great week!


We have another stellar morning. On walks like today it’s hard to stop taking photos. I generally take around thirty photos a day that I edit down to the few that I share in my blog. This morning I took over fifty photos and they were difficult to whittle down. So you get to see nine of those in today’s blog.

The sky was very pastel this morning and it started with this sunrise.


It’s pretty rare that you can see Mt. Rainier from Ebey Prairie, it’s 104 miles away. But I got lucky this morning and took this shot.


And I also got to see Mt. Baker which is about sixty miles away.


Over to Ebey’s Landing looking northwest I still had pastel skies.


On Ebey Prairie I saw the largest flock of Canada Geese ever. The just kept coming in waves.


For all the times I’ve walked around the prairie this is the first time I really noticed this farmhouse. I don’t know who originally built it so will have to do a little research.



Back over on Penn Cove I saw this seagull with a reflection. People love mussels from Penn Cove but so do the seagulls. This one is setting on a pile of mussels.


And finally a wonderful shot of the Wharf. I don’t know how many photos I’ve take of the Wharf but this one really stands out as far as I’m concerned.


That’s a warp! I hope you enjoyed my blog and come back soon. Oh yeah, invite your friends to join in as well, thanks.


I’m always happy that the sun comes up every day but unfortunately we don’t get to see it every day. We’ve had a run of cloudy mornings lately but this morning was sunny and very special. I hope you like today’s offerings.

This photo almost looks like I’m looking down at reflections of the sunrise on the water but it’s clouds that are so nicely lit up.


Looking west the sky was pretty as well with these Canada Geese flying in the foreground.


Further out on the Ebey Prairie Reserve I though this tule fog surrounding the farm was nice.


It appears that “Sherman’s Pioneer Produce Farm” is open for business. Every year they put out these big hay rounds painted like Jack-O-Lanterns.



Back in town they are making progress on replacing the perfectly good ADA ramps with new ADA ramps, I guess we have money to burn.


I spotted a new scarecrow this morning in front of an insurance company. It’s kind of a play on words as the Coupeville High School Mascot is the “Wolf”.


And finally out on the wharf I saw that the tide was in so no beach to rest on for the seagulls. I guess the roof of the wharf does just fine.


Enjoy your hump day unless your retired, then there’s never any hump 🙂