TAXI CAT – July 9, 2018

It was a nice morning for a walk. There was some overcast and a nice breeze to keep me cool. There wasn’t a whole lot going on around town but I found a few things to share with you.

First of all I spotted a yacht tied to the dock that I hadn’t seen before. It’s the “Curlew” and it looks like a converted fishing boat. I didn’t walk down on the dock so I don’t know where it’s from. I did a search but Google couldn’t find it.

The white boat in front is my neighbors boat. It’s crabbing season and he’s been going out a bunch.


Going out toward Ebey Prairie I spotted one of our rare “White Deer”. I’ve seen several this year but this one wasn’t interested in running away but instead posed for this picture.

White Deer

If you’re ever looking for a Taxi in Coupeville or around Whidbey Island you could always call “Taxi Cat”! I didn’t check his credentials but I’m sure he’s licensed 🙂

Taxi Cat

So there ya go! I hope you had a nice walk and we’ll do this again real soon.

ODD DAY – August 16, 2017

This morning’s walk was sort of odd in that I really didn’t find anything inspirational to photograph. It’s was a beautiful morning and the sun was out so that alone made it all worth while.

One photo I took turned out really well but you can’t tell my cat, Miss Kitty Kitty. She’d be so jealous! I don’t know who’s cat this is but it sure did pose pretty in front of the grasses.

Cat and Grass

While I consider myself a fair landscape photographer but I’m not very good at still life. I took this because I really like these plants and all the various stages it goes through as they bloom.

White and Pink Weeds

So that’s it! 2 3/4 miles of fresh air and sunshine, perfect. Maybe we’ll see more tomorrow as we walk along together.

IT’S SNOWING – April 17, 2015

It’s Friday and we’ve got time to get in one more walk this week. But before we walk I wanted to share my back yard with you where it’s snowing!

OK, it’s not really snowing, at least not real snow but cherry blossoms instead.


Unfortunately they are not from my cherry tree but from my neighbors “HUGE” cherry tree.


Did you notice my lilac tree in the foreground? It is really pretty against the backdrop of the cherry blossoms.


OK let’s walk! I went out to the wharf but got stopped by this interesting sunrise. It was a beautiful sunrise but it was being blocked by shore clouds. The clouds partially parted and I snapped this photo over Penn Cove. Notice the eagle flying near the top center.


Yesterday our cat, Ms. Kitty Kitty, was posing on our front porch so I took her picture. Not a bad looking lady for being sixteen years old. I took it through a window and it turned out very different. She’s actually all gray and not green/blue.


Thanks for walking with me and come join me again next week. In the meantime have a great weekend!

I C U – January 26, 2015

We are supposed to be having sunshine and temperatures in the high 50’s F but it was socked in this morning when I awoke. By the time I got out the door it had lifted enough to block any evidence of morning light. That left very little for me to look at and photograph.

But I always find something and while these photos aren’t very good I think they are interesting. You see, when I walk in the dark I always feel like I’m being watched. With my headlight mounted to my forehead I noticed some shinning eye lurking in dark places. Here are the monsters keeping an eye on me as I walk.

This deer was out in the open but in the dark was hard to see. His eyes lit up like big reflectors.


A little further down the road I spotted these eyes peaking our from under a van. I’m pretty sure it was a cat but really couldn’t see it except for its eyes.


Then I spotted another cat but at first glance it almost looked like a small raccoon.


Toward the end of my walk it started getting lighter but no sunshine. Still I was able to get this photo of some yard art. It’s a nicely done Bird of Paradise flower.


And with that we start the last week of January 2015, my oh my where does the time go? We’ve got some rain coming this week so I’ll try to get out there as much as I can because I know you need the exercise but no promises at this point!


I finally had a nice rain-free walk this morning. I decided to walk out of town west on Madrona along the Penn Cove Mussel Farm. They were just getting started harvesting their catch for the day.

Here’s one of the harvesters waiting to be put into service.


Here’s another harvester heading out to the platforms that the mussels hang from.


Here they are out on the raft getting ready to pull in the mussels.


Back in town, please tell me these aren’t “Christmas” lights that were strung and lighted this morning.


The new surfacing project on Coveland Street appears to be half over.


The view from the wharf was particularly beautiful this morning.


And finally, I saw this cat sitting on my neighbors porch looking particularly “Halloween”. He also looked like he didn’t enjoy having his picture taken.


Have a great weekend and I’ll catch up with you again next weekend.