I’M BACK, sort of

I walked this morning for the first time in a few weeks. While I only walked a mile and a half my bursitis didn’t feel too bad. I going to sneak up on it and if it doesn’t get better I’ll probably get a cortisone shot in my hip

I walked down to the wharf and back and here’s what I saw. (You can follow along with the map) I was really surprised how many things have changed in that short amount of time.

06-06-14 map

First stop was at John’s house at the end of our street. He’s a retired Art Teacher and has lots interesting things to look at. This is his garden and other stuff.


By the boat ramp I spotted this Eagle with the sailboat behind and thought it was a great shot!


This house sold over the winter and went for a relatively cheap price due to the fact that the bank across the road was starting to slip into the cove. It has since stopped and I think it will be many years before it would ever get even close to this house. In the meantime they have applied for permission to turn the space above the garage into a B&B. If it get’s approved there will be another really nice place, with a view, to stay when you come visit.


If you’ve ever thought about moving to Coupeville this might just be the place for you. While it’s just under $500K it includes the main house that was the Fred Nuttall House, built in 1888, and the cottage behind it, to the left in this photo. You could buy the house and rent out the cottage to help offset the payments.


Out on the wharf there is a new sign advertising “Sailing lessons, sailboat rental, tours and charters”. Here is the sailboat that it all happens on. It’s a 44 foot Catalina Morgan and looks like it would be fun.


And back home! Marilyn in on the porch waiting for me on an absolutely beautiful morning in paradise 🙂


Thanks for walking with me and I hope we can do it again real soon. I have really missed walking with all of you and need to get going again. They may not be long walks for a while but there’s always lots to see and photograph.