It was foggy again this morning and I was wondering what would inspire me to make an interesting photoblog. I spotted some leaves lying on the ground and it got me thinking about the “End of Season” as in, things are changing as the year goes on and the seasons change.

This tree was loosing it leaves signaling the end of summer.


Out on the Ebey Prairie is noticed another sign of change.


I guess you could call this the final “End of Season”.


These are the very last of our crabapples.


The “Tin Farmers Family” have quite a ways to go before their “End of Season” but rust is certainly working on them.


This barn is sadly ending it’s season as well.

And now some “non theme” photos that I liked this morning. This is St. Mary’s Catholic Church in the fog.


What do you get when you have fog, a post and sunrise? A “Fire-stick”!


I walked down to the beach and took this foggy photo of the wharf.




It was foggy as I left the house this morning so didn’t expect a lot of photo-ops. But like my brother Ron, www.walkingfortbragg.com, always says; “When you have fog take fog pictures”. OK bro here ya go.

I like this shed that is being devoured by plant life and in the fog it’s even more interesting.


While shopping the other day I noticed that even though Halloween is over a month and a half away they had all the candy and displays out already. I guess they want to beat the Christmas rush, jezz. Any how I guess that inspired the next two photos.

First is one of several farms that are growing pumpkins and they are really starting to come on.


The cemetery took on an eerie look in the fog.


I’m always surprised where inspiration comes from when you are walking and gawking. I spotted these birds perched on the power lines. I thought it would make an interesting photo and it’s OK but not great.


When I got home and was editing down the days photos for my blog something odd struck me about this photo. It looked like sheet music to me. So I crudely Photoshopped it and came up with this. Anyone want to try and play a few bars?


And finally on the way back home I notices these chimney vents and thought they looked like 1550 Comb Morion Helmets.


What do you think?


Have a great day!