WHITE CHRISTMAS – December 25, 2017

We would like to wish everyone of you a very Merry Christmas! We were blessed this year with a White Christmas, the first one in ten or twelve years. That is a rare occasion here on the island indeed.

This what we awoke to early this Christams morning.

Christmas Snow

This is our back yard a little later in the morning, after we opened the presents that Santa Clause had brought.

Snowy Back Yard

Have a wonder Christmas, or what every holiday you celebrate and we’ll do the same.

If I don’t get back to you before New Years, have a great year ahead and we’ll catch up soon.

NOLYMPICS – December 5, 2017

This morning it was absolutely beautiful outside. It was a chilly 34 degrees F and the sun was oh so slowly rising. I decided to head for Ebey Prairie because I thought the Olympic Mountains would be spectacular in the morning sun with a bunch of new snow on top.

This us what I expected to see: (This is from January 2016)

Sunny Olympics

This is what greeted me:

Cloudy Olympics

It’s a nice photo but where are the mountains?

On the other side of the island Mt. Baker was just the opposite with a large amount of nice fresh snow reflecting the morning sunshine.

Mt Baker

Along the way I spotted Mr. and Mrs. Clause. They were a couple of the nicest wall hangings I’ve seen. I don’t know what they were made from but they sure did look real, or maybe surreal!

Mr Mrs Clause

Speaking of Santa Clause, look who came by our house last night and gave us some candy canes.

Santa Clause Firetruck

Every year the fire department travels the streets of Coupeville with Santa and his reindeer spreading Christmas cheer šŸ™‚

Thanks for walking with me and I look forward to having you join me again real soon.

Christmas Lite – November 29, 2017

I apologize for the lack of blogging but the weather has really been bad lately and not conducive to taking photos. This morning it was nicer but remains dark for a long time, again making photographing of my wee island town difficult. The sun just starts to break over the horizon at 7:40 and it rises very slowly. It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Anyway, I did get a couple of photos this morning so get your shoes on and lets got walking!

A friend of mine said that he’s going to decorate his house “Grizwald Lite”. I think I know what he’s talking about. Here are a couple of screen captures from “Christmas Vacation” and “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”.



Here’s “Christmas Lite” and I really like it!

Decorated House copy

On my way home I swung by the Coupeville Wharf and it looked like the seagulls were having a convention. I wonder what they were all talking about?

Seagulls at Wharf copy

With another break in the weather I’ll be back tomorrow or not! Keep your shoes on šŸ˜‰

Merry Christmas – December 24, 2015

I know it’s just Christmas Eve but I felt a need to say “Merry Christmas”.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate.

Here are a couple of photos from our wee house in Coupeville, Whidbey Island, Washington to yours.



Thanks to everyone who follow my blog and enjoy walking with me. I’ve been kind of lax these past few months but will try to do better in the new year. Speaking of which, have a blessed and wonderful New Year.


Ken and Marilyn


Hi all, it’s been a while since we last walked. Life and weather have interfered for the past couple of weeks but hopefully we’re back on track.

Before we get started I need to post a warning: “The last photo in this blog may be disturbing to some individuals. Viewer discretion advised!” More on that later but remember it’s only the “Last Photo”.

I left the house at 7:00 and it was still quite dark. By the time I got to Ebey Prairie there was a trace of pink on the horizon. I managed to get this interesting patch of pastel pink but that was about it for the sunrise.


Along the way I spotted this arbor that was really pretty. I think someone had a great time putting this together.


Close up.


With Christmas exactly one month away it still bothers me that thereĀ are people decorating ahead of Thanksgiving. I guess if you’re a business you need to get a jump on things.


Front Street Grill


And now the “Last Photo”!

This has a kind of interesting story. When I was walking out to the Coupeville Wharf I spotted something different on top of one of the pilings. Upon closer inspection I could see that it was a dead seagull. But what made it even more mysterious were the nails around the piling with what appeared to be string going up and over the bird.

My first thought was that it had gotten tangled in some line but why the nails? No other piling had nails and string.

I asked my friend William at “Local Grown”Ā espresso and Whidbey Island foodsĀ store because he’s like a living newspaper regarding all things Coupeville. He told me that an eagle had killed the seagull and ate it on top of the piling. He left the carcass there and flew away.

The lady that runs the gift shop on the wharf has a real problem with the seagulls on the dock because they poop a lot. She is always shooing them away with a broom but they always come back. Her thought was that if the dead seagull was left on top of the piling it would send a message to the other that this is not a great place to hang out.

Turns out the other birds may have gotten the message as William said that there were fewer seagulls hanging around on that dock.

You have to love small towns on small islands for the interestingĀ things their residence do.


I leave you with that image as you get on with your day. With a short work week ahead, for all the working people, you may just have an opportunity get out and walk on your own. In the meantime thanks for walking with me!


From our house to yours, here’s wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

This is our family Christmas Eve party at my daughter’s house.


From left to right. Back row: son-in-law Matt, daughter Jenni, grandson Camden, my wife Marilyn, ME.

Front row: grand daughter Emerson and grandson Hudson.


Have I mentioned lately that it’s dark when I go for my morning walks these days? Oh yeah, just yesterday šŸ™‚

This morning I was trying to take a picture of some Christmas lights. My little Canon SX30is just doesn’t do a very good job with high contrast, low light photos. Therefore I “juggled” when I took the picture and it “squiggled” the tree lights. That gave me the idea for today’s post. I hope you enjoy my fireworks!

17-5Ā Ā  17-4

17-6Ā Ā  17-7

17-2Ā Ā  17-8

17-1Ā Ā  17-3

One last shot out on the Coupeville Wharf!


Now back to your regularly scheduled program!


What a beautiful morning for a walk. Not too cold, no wind and just a little chilly, perfect! Along the way I saw more signs of Christmas with a Dinosaur Santa, huh?


On out toward Ebey Prairie I passed the junior high/high school where they have a “Rock”. I have seen this rock painted with things like “Bob and Judy Forever” and “Go Wolves” but this mornings message was especially nice as it went out to everyone who drove or walked by.


I’m not sure what this old farm building is but I sure do like it. I have no idea what it’s function was on the farm. It’s tall, square and not very big. Any ideas?


The Olympic Mountains were looking quite “Wintery” this morning making for “Winter Olympics”!


And just a little bit more Christmas spirit with this beautiful holly bush.


For all you working people, “What Day Is It”? For all you others enjoy your Wednesday.


It was warmer this morning but really cloudy, almost looked like it could snow. I spotted more Christmas decorations including Cook’s Corner Park, which is where the town celebrates the lighting of the town Christmas tree even though it’s a big flag pole with a bunch of lights on it.


One of my favorite historic homes was lighted as well.


The “mussel men” were out on the mussel rafts harvesting their catch and I thought even their boat lights looked festive. They probably wouldn’t agree šŸ™‚


And here they are, the “Snowmen/Snow-women of Coupeville”. This is just a sample I put together, there has to be over a hundred around town.


Bundle up, in case you haven’t noticed it’s cold out there!


Once again It was quite dark for my morning walk which limited my photo-0ps. Then I noticed a fall flag, then another, and yet another. Before I knew it I had some snap shots for my blog. Notice I didn’t say photographs, nope, they’re not great but nice colors, enjoy.




And then there’s Thanksgiving.



And lastly I saw this and thought these people might be pushing it a bit. I didn’t talk with them but because we live near a Navy base I cut them some slack as they may have a family member who’s being deployed that may not be home for Christmas.


So with that we start another week. Make it a great one!