FOG BANKS – February 16, 2016

After a whole bunch of rain I finally got out for a little walk this morning. My back is still hurting so I’m just taking it ease. I only walked down to the wharf and back.

It was a very cloudy morning so the lighting wasn’t great but I found the low hanging fog banks around Penn Cove rather interesting.

Here’s the Coupeville Wharf as I was heading that way. I like the low hanging clouds behind it.


From the wharf I looked west and noticed a big fog bank hanging over the muscle farm. You can see the muscle processor boat all lit up harvesting today’s catch, yum!


Looking east across Penn Cove you can see the clouds hugging the Cascade Mountain Range.


This photo has nothing to do with fog banks but I just like it. This juvenile seagull is almost done losing it’s gray baby feathers and becoming the beautiful white that the adults exhibit.


As always I hope you enjoyed our walk today. It wasn’t very far but as always there’s something interesting to see around my wee town.

PUFFY CLOUD MORNING – December 16, 2015

Hey, how about that, I walked and blogged two days in a row, I must be on a roll!

The lighting was kind of strange this morning and I really didn’t get that good of pictures. I took 33 pictures and these were the best and not all that great.

It was very dark and cloudy when I left the house at 7:30 but then they parted a little and be came puffy and white to the west as the sun was starting to come up. I call this “Puffy Clouds Over A Sleepy Town”.


Later in my walk, on my way home, the puffy clouds by Mt. Baker were starting to pick up some color.


I notice one nice Christmas display in this home that I really like.


A few months ago I mentioned that Dave Howell was the new owner of “Local Grown” an espresso store with local art, jam and other things made locally.

This morning I noticed that the name had changed and sure enough Dave renamed the store to something a little more fitting, the “Salty Mug”. Coffee out on a pier over salt water, perfect!


With that I’ll get out of your way and let you get on with your “Hump Day”, unless you’re retired and then it’s just another day 🙂

As always, thanks for walking with me.

IT’S A WRAP – January 15, 2015

This morning was the first morning this week that wasn’t foggy and I liked it! It was still pretty dark so not much to see but when I got to the wharf I found Mt. Baker wrapped in a shawl of clouds. With the pink sky sunrise I just couldn’t resist pointing and shooting a couple of photos.

Here she is with the Coupeville Wharf in the foreground.


And here she is in all her shawl-wrapped glory.


Have a wonderful day! Thanks for walking and gawking with me 🙂


Sorry I’ve been so flaky but I seem to be able to find excuses not to walk and blog when the weather is too cold, too rainy or too windy. Today was none of that so you get to go for a walk with me.

I headed out toward the prairie and the sky was just beautiful with big puffy morning clouds perfectly lit by the rising sun

First stop, a farm out on Ebey Prairie.


Just a little bit further this old shed caught my eye. I like the contrast between the orange clouds and the green moss on the roof.


And one last looks as I was crossing the highway on my way back home.


Click on the photo to see it bigger.

And that was it! Four miles, three photos, perfect!

Have a great week ahead. I’ll be sharing some photos of “The Christmasing of Coupeville” in the near future.


Happy Monday, hope you  are having a great day to start the week, I know I am. It started with a really nice walk in the sunshine with big puffy clouds hanging around, perfect for what I do!

I start with a play on words as the moon was beside the spire on St. Mary’s Catholic Church. It “in-spire-d” me to take a photo 🙂


On my way to Ebey Prairie I spotted Mt. Rainier, a 104 miles away as the crow flies, and captured the moment. You don’t see Mt. Rainier very often from Coupeville this time of year.


Out on the prairie I just had to take another photo of this barn. I’ve taken an number of different photos of it but this mornings sun lit it just perfectly along with the clouds in the background.


And finally this panorama of the prairie with more dramatic clouds. This is looking toward Port Townsend and the Olympic Mountains.


With that I return you to your regularly scheduled program. As always, thanks for walking with me, I hope to see you again tomorrow!


This morning it was kind of foggy and dark when I left home. Thinking that there would not be many photo-ops I decided to walk out Parker Road and back. That walk does not offer up vary many good photos because it’s a tree lined road with very few views. Here’s a shot down Parker.


But to my surprised I spotted this sunrise over the Cascade Mountains peeking through the trees.


I decided to walk down a side road toward the beach and found a couple more photos just sitting there waiting to be taken, enjoy.



My neighbors are removing a bunch of big old poplar trees and they drug their old sailboat out into the street to protect it from the falling  trees. I thought this picture of the mossy, deteriorating cover over a still usable boat was interesting. I guess sometimes it doesn’t take a whole lot to protect your treasures.


Make a good day 🙂


Happy Monday of the first week of November, where do the days go?

This morning was another beautiful sunrise but it was accented by some very dramatic clouds. Once again there were also thousands of Canada Geese feeding in the fields of Ebey Prairie. I imagine they are bulking up for winter. I’ve also included three photographs that I really like from this morning’s walk.

So with that here are the clouds, no commentary required.





And here come the geese a lucky shot. Well not totally a “lucky shot” I took about fifteen pictures to get this one. Practice makes perfect 🙂


As long as we have birds I like this shot of a Red-Shafted Flicker.


This turn-of-the-century farm out on the Ebey Prairie looked very homey in the morning light.


And finally, I just can’t get enough of the old Coupeville Grain Wharf. The tide was in and in the morning light it was just perfect.


Have a great week!


Yesterday I showed you the rain shadow we get from the Olympic Mountains. Sometimes it’s called the “weather hole”. This morning on radar I saw the most definitive image of that “hole” I’d ever seen. It turned out to be a nice dry walk, thank you.

3-weather hole

On Ebey Prairie I saw a huge bank of clouds over Seattle and Everett. But you can also see the blue skies opening up in Coupeville.


On  Penn Cove I noticed this really low cloud bank along Camano Island, I thought it made a nice photo.


Just to give you a few more photos around Coupeville, it looks like they are gaining on replacing the perfectly good ADA ramps with the new ADA ramps. I  wasn’t able to get a photo of all the workers for this one ramp but there were seven people there. Our tax dollars at work.


This is “rush hour” on Main Street near the highway. Despite all the roadwork, traffic appears to be flowing smoothly 🙂


Madrona Street travels west out of Coupeville. It’s lined with Madrona trees and this one really caught my eye this morning.


And finally I though you should know that it is Fire Prevention Week. As this sign suggests, don’t let you pets cook if they don’t understand the fire dangers!


Enjoy your day!