P. B. & J. – January 29, 2015

Not much out there this morning until the very end of my walk. I went out on the wharf and Mount Baker was looking stunning in the morning light. The clouds finally lifted and we had some clear skies.

Out on the wharf the Local Grown coffee shop appeared to be closed and all the lights were off. Upon closer examination I saw William, the proprietor/barista, getting things ready for the day. What was unusual about that is he’s usually already been open for a while. I questioned him and he replied that he had the lights off so he could better enjoy the sunrise.

Man I love this place and the people who live and work here.

So here’s my PB&J, “P”ink Mt. “B”aker is “J”ust gorgeous 😉

01-29-15-mt-baker-sunriseI hope you liked that as much as I did, thanks for walking with me and see you tomorrow.