Happy New Year all. This is my first post of 2014 and just one of many to come. I hope you take time to walk with me this year and see all the wonder that I see.

This morning was dark and windy making it look quite stormy out but in reality it was just “dark and windy”.

The tide was way in this morning and the waves were lapping away at the dingy dock.


This silhouette of the walnut tree, that was planted in the early 1900’s by either Capt. Thomas Coupe, founder of Coupeville, or his wife Maria, caught my eye this morning and after a wee bit of Photoshop I liked the results.


Have a great year ahead and once again, thanks for walking with me.


Boy oh boy was it quiet this morning, there must be a lot of people taking the week off. Not only was it quite peaceful but it was beautiful as well. I walked around the Ebey Prairie and along Front Street in Coupeville.

The sunrise was just beautiful from the prairie.


Looking to the southwest the pink sky, blue snow capped Olympics, wonderful old farm and the newly growing green field made for a nice photo.


As an indication of how busy it was this morning, this is historic Front Street, catching it’s breath from the busy Christmas weekend.


There was, however, some maintenance going on around town. If you recall it had pictures of the roads being resurfaced around town. Now, several months later, they areĀ  getting around to adding the crosswalk markings.


Down at the end of our street at Cap’t Thomas Coupe’s Park they were doing something with the boat dock and ramp. When the winter storms come in it can get pounded really hard so I’m not surprised to see it needs a little help.


Merry Un-Christmas and enjoy the short week ahead.