THE OLYMPICS – September 22, 2017

This is running a little late because I walked six miles this morning and that took a while. Then I had to sort through the sixty some photos I took and that ate up more of the morning.

I have a couple of corrections for last Wednesday’s blog. First off it wasn’t the first day of fall, today is.

Secondly, Coupeville was established in 1853 not 1953, jeez!

This morning I walked across the Ebey Prairie over to Ebey’s Landing. I wanted to get a good photo of the morning sun just as it was lighting the Olympic Mountains. Happily it didn’t disappoint. Here they are looking across Admiralty Inlet and Port Townsend.

Olympic Mountains first sunlight

This next photo isn’t all that great but it might be of interest to you. It’s a picture of a tug boat going out to meet a very large container ship. My best guess is that it will pull alongside and a Puget Sound ships pilot will board the ship to take it into Puget Sound. The waters can be a little tricky and boat traffic can be a hazard. The pilots always do this with large ships so they arrive at their dock without incident.

Container Ship & Tug

At the Sherman Prairie Produce farm I spotted these huge pumpkins. They are already getting ready for Thanksgiving. They always have great displays and lots of things for families to do, besides buy pumpkins.

Sherman Farm big Pumpkins

Back home our cactus has bloomed for the second time this year. This is the first time that has happened. Usually it gets five to seven blooms in early summer and that’s it. What a fragrant surprise, it smells even better than it looks.

Cactus Flower

Thanks for walking with me this week and now onward to the weekend. I hope you make it a good one 🙂

Ebey Reserve Walk – January 23, 2017

Today’s walk took us across Ebey Reserve all the way down to Ebey’s Landing, a six mile round trip. It was a beautiful morning with more to see than I can report here. But, as always, I’ll share a few of the better photos.

First stop was to check out a new “Little Free Library” that just went up here in Coupeville. I really like the design of this particular one. I don’t know how many there are around here but there’s a bunch. I think my wee island town likes to read.


I got to the prairie during the “Golden Hour” and it didn’t disappoint. This is Willowood Farm about half way across the prairie basking in the morning sun. They grow wonderful vegetables that will be available at our Saturday Market this summer.


I was not the only one out enjoying the morning. There were lots of birds chirping and flying about. I liked these two robins caught silhouetted against the blue sky sitting on white branches.


And finally the big reward for this mornings efforts. Driftwood is like clouds in that you can see different images in each one and each person sees them differently. This big piece of drift wood is on Ebey Landing beach with the big cliff on the south south side of Ebey Reserve in the background. Tell me what that log looks like to you!


I hope I didn’t wear you out this morning and you’ll come back for another nice walk tomorrow.

REFLECTION – April 9, 2015

I hope I didn’t wear you out today as we walked 6.87 miles, whew!

I went on a big loop around Ebey Prairie over to Ebey Landing. Out on the prairie I spotted these barns reflecting in a small pond of rain water.


A little further out I spotted this scarecrow family apparently guarding the chickens and turkeys.


Here’s a nice long shot of Ebey Landing and Admiralty Inlet. This is where people came to Whidbey Island in the late 1800’s arriving from the Olympic Peninsula and on south to Seattle. They would take a horse and buggy or stagecoach from the landing to Coupeville.


 Just as I was nearing the landing I spotted these two eagles way up in the top of this big tree. I don’t think I’ve ever seen two eagles sitting in a tree that close to each other.


So I’m pooped and ready to get on with the day. I hope you make a great day as well.

MORE CLOUDS – February 4, 2015

I guess I should stop whining about the gray skies and clouds, after all it’s still winter and that’s what we get most days. Fortunately Snohomish Slew, the “Frognosticator Extraordinaire” on January 31st, Washington State “Groundfrog Day”, did not see his shadow so we’ll be having an early spring. For now I’ll take blue and gray photos.

I walked across the island again and caught a peek of the Olympic Mountains above the cloud bank. This really is how blue it was when I took this photo.


Down on Ebey Landing I pointed my camera west and took a picture of the cliff and beach. It’s not great but gives you an idea of the beauty that is all around Coupeville.


Heading back home I spotted these unusual vegetables in the garden at Willowood Farm. They kind of look like beats but not. Any ideas?


So on our 6.5 mile walk this morning that’s all I saw that needed it’s picture taken. The blogs may get a little sparse the rest of this week since we have rain in the forecast for the next four days.

Thanks for joining me today and I’ll see you soon.

EBEY LANDING – January 27, 2015

Once again we had heavy overcast which made for grainy photos. I decided to extend my walk and walked to Ebey Landing on the other side of the island. That ended up being around six and a quarter miles.

It really was difficult to get any good photos but the exercise was great! Below are the results of that effort.

You can see from this photo looking east how heavy the clouds were.


This is looking across Admiralty Inlet to Port Townsend. The white cloud is steam coming from the cardboard factory.


I zoomed in and was able to capture the Port Townsend lighthouse just as the red beacon flashed.


In the middle of the prairie I thought this sign with the vegetables and old farm in the background made an interesting photo.


Of course, as I’m typing this blog, the sun just came out, go figure!

Thanks for walking with me today I really enjoyed it.


This morning I went for a monster walk, 6.8 miles across the Ebey Prairie to Ebey Landing and back. It was the longest walk I’ve done since my radiation treatments and it really kicked my butt but on the other hand I really kicked Prostate Cancer’s Butt!

I took way too many photos to post here but I’ll share a few that I liked.

First off, the morning sun was lighting the sky around Mt. Baker. There was a pink haze in front of the mountain that only lasted for about five minutes.


As I got to the prairie the light was equally nice on this old barn.


Further out on the prairie I spotted this tractor that must have stopped for the day and just parked in the middle of the field.


I liked this photo because of the barn reflection in the pond out in the field.


I spotted this old tractor and barn on the Willowood farm. The yellow morning sun really lit it up.


I thought this little barn/house/shed had a nice peaceful feel to it.


Just for fun I included this photo of a freighter crossing the road. Notice the sign! I love Photoshop 🙂


At Ebey Landing this Long Billed Curlew posed for this wonderful photo with the nice rocks in the foreground.


Well that was fun, thanks for walking with me. I’ll see you tomorrow for more!


I missed you yesterday but the wind was blowing 25 MPH and it was threatening rain, I’m a woos.

I did have a nice 6 1/2 mile walk around Ebey Prairie this morning. Here’s the Google Map Pedometer map across the Ebey Prairie to Ebey’s Landing and back.


I hadn’t walked that loop for a while so got some photos from different spots. You’ll understand the title of this blog when you get to the last photo.

But first it looks like they flew the coupe, a long time ago.


This picture was taken above Ebey’s Landing looking east over Admiralty Inlet.


This is the beach down at Ebey’s Landing.


Walking east, up hill from Ebey Landing, I spotted this moss covered tree. When we were kids Dad would tell us that it’s “moldy bear hair”.


Here’s another “Ebey’s Forever Fund” project. The fund “was created to preserve, protect, and sustain the Reserve’s heritage buildings…” This is a wonderful old barn that is being saved. They put the new roof on over the summer. They still have a long way to go, what a project.


And finally, did you every wonder how eagle’s got to be so powerful? Well here ya go!


Thanks for walking along with me we always have a good time 🙂


We have another stellar morning. On walks like today it’s hard to stop taking photos. I generally take around thirty photos a day that I edit down to the few that I share in my blog. This morning I took over fifty photos and they were difficult to whittle down. So you get to see nine of those in today’s blog.

The sky was very pastel this morning and it started with this sunrise.


It’s pretty rare that you can see Mt. Rainier from Ebey Prairie, it’s 104 miles away. But I got lucky this morning and took this shot.


And I also got to see Mt. Baker which is about sixty miles away.


Over to Ebey’s Landing looking northwest I still had pastel skies.


On Ebey Prairie I saw the largest flock of Canada Geese ever. The just kept coming in waves.


For all the times I’ve walked around the prairie this is the first time I really noticed this farmhouse. I don’t know who originally built it so will have to do a little research.



Back over on Penn Cove I saw this seagull with a reflection. People love mussels from Penn Cove but so do the seagulls. This one is setting on a pile of mussels.


And finally a wonderful shot of the Wharf. I don’t know how many photos I’ve take of the Wharf but this one really stands out as far as I’m concerned.


That’s a warp! I hope you enjoyed my blog and come back soon. Oh yeah, invite your friends to join in as well, thanks.


Another beautiful morning walking around Coupeville and the Ebey Prairie. I walked from one side of the island to the other and back taking way too many photos. Even though I took  bunch I hope you can take the time to look at them all.

The sunrise was spectacular once again.


The moon was still full and it caught my attention as I walked under a light pole. It made me think of what it would be like if instead of sodium-vapor streetlights they were all moonlight.


Here’s a little closer look at that light source.


I walked along the bluff trail to Ebey’s Landing. The morning light was really wonderful.


Where the bluff trail turns east you can look down on the beach where I saw a group of fisherman trying to lure the illusive salmon.


From there on the birds got all of my attention. When I took this picture I thought it was better than it turned out but still it was interesting to see a blackbird attacking a hawk.


Heading back across the prairie I caught this hawk in flight. It was cruising the fields looking for small critters.


Back on the north side of the island, out on the wharf, I spotted this Great Blue Heron down on the dock. I don’t know why it was looking at this small space between docks, I don’t think it could catch any fish there.


As I was walking off the wharf I spotted these seagulls swimming, flying and sitting on the beach. I thought it was an interesting photo.


And finally I spotted these birds sitting on the dock. It’s Al and Deborah, two friends that I cross paths with on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s. Those are the days they walk and they walk ten miles each day. I think Deborah walks every day.


What a great way to wrap up this week. I’m not sure what next week will be like as rain is in the forecast. Have a great weekend.


This morning’s walk started in Coupeville on a beautiful clear sky sunny day. This is looking over town and across Penn Cove. The orange morning sun is bathing Mt. Baker in a nice golden glow.

01-coupeville         01-mt-baker

St. Mary’s Catholic Church was receiving the same warm glow from the sun.


But I was surprised as I got closer to the other side of the island to see the “On shore push” the weather prognosticator had talked about in the evening news rolling the fog in from the southwest.


While I often walk the same roads, there’s only so many places you can walk on a small island, I’m always surprised when I see something I’ve never seen before. I really like this chicken coupe that these people have made. It looks like the chickens have their own camper.


I saw this Alfalfa sign which reminded me of the times my brother and I use to torment our mom and dad when we were on our summer vacations driving around the country. Every time we saw a field of alfalfa hay or even smell fresh cut alfalfa we would sing our song.

“Alfalfa hay, alfalfa hay, we feed our cows, alfalfa hay”

“Second  verse same as the first.”

“Alfalfa hay, alfalfa hay, we feed our cows, alfalfa hay”

“Third verse, a little bit worse”.

“Alfalfa hay, alfalfa hay, …” you get the idea. When we got somewhere between the twentieth verse and one hundredth verse mom would say “Shut Up” and mom would never say “shut up”. Then Pop would swing his non-driving arm around back in an attempt to smack us. It was great fun for us kids but it really got tiring for the folks.


Here’s Ebey’s Landing looking very similar to how it looked the other day.


All the cars, so early in the morning, were for fisherman trying their best to catch the illusive salmon. These two guys were doing a lot of fishing but no catching.


So we now get to the subject of this post, “It’s Lee For Me”. As you saw the fog bank rolling in above it was on the “Windward” side of the island. These next two pictures are back on the “Leeward” side of the island. Because the prevailing winds are generally out of the southwest I live in the “Lee of the island”. Translate that means, sunshine 🙂

These are some boats tied to the dock at the wharf with Coupeville in the background.


And finally I saw this huge Eagle standing on the beach near the wharf.


What a fantastic way to end a beautiful walk around my wee island.