BOATS DEER BIRD WATER – August 1, 2017

Welcome to August 2017! It’s my favorite month of the year because it’s the middle of summer and the weather is usually fantastic plus it’s my birth month, a memorable moment indeed.

Get your good walking shoes on because we’re going to walk four miles this morning. First stop Ebey Prairie Reserve. In the golden sunrise this farm really popped out. The Olympic Mountains are in the background with just a wee bit of snow near the top.

Barn and Olympics

Then back over to the other side of the island for some boats. I really like this green boat that’s been anchored out in Penn Cove for over a month. What a wonderful place to swing on a hook.

Green Boat in Penn Cove

The tide was way out this morning and the Coupeville Wharf was standing tall. I’m always amazed that there is enough water under the dock for the big sailboats to dock without hitting bottom

Wharf at Low Tide

And last but not least, “Boats Deer Bird Water”! I don’t know what this deer was looking for out there but it went out a ways and looked like it was getting his feet stuck to in the muddy bottom but it got back to shore just fine.

Boats Deer Bird in Water

I hope you enjoyed that little walk and will come back tomorrow. Enjoy the great month ahead.

OLYMPIC BACKDROP – January 31, 2017

Can you believe today is the last day of January 2017? Me neither! Where do the go?

I took you on a nice long and brisk 4.6 mile walk that only yielded one good photo. I took a bunch of other photos for a project I’m working on that I’ll share with you later on but for now this is it.

This old farm is on the far side of Ebey Prairie and it just hollers late 1800’s. I’ve taken several photos of this farm over the years but I never get tired of it. I hope you don’t either.


You’re now free to get on with your day. Thanks for walking with me.


Happy Monday all, I hope you are ready for a good week of walking as the weather is supposed to be spectacular all week long. By Thursday it could be in the low 80’s F in Seattle which means around 75 here on the island.

I kind of went crazy this morning in the lovely weather so I hope you don’t get bored with my photos before you get to the end.

At first I noticed some new signs that I liked. These two were on the same house.



This old farm sign is out on the Ebey Prairie.


I’ve always liked this mail box and the morning sun really made it pop.


The remainder of today’s photos are not signs but I liked them a lot and wanted to share them with you.

I love this farm and have taken numerous photos of it. What caught my eye this morning was the crop. I showed you that same crop a couple of weeks ago when it was first coming up. Our wonderful spring weather has really made them jump out of the rich prairie soil here on the island. I also like the Olympic Mountains peaking through the clouds in the background.


This Lilac bush was really showing its colors in the morning light. This is just a tiny portion of the bush, it’s really big!


And finally two photos of this old barn. The first is well lighted which really made it stand out. The second is what I found inside the door to the right.



Thanks for walking with me today and I look forward to having you along for the rest of the week!


I had a nice long walk this morning although the weather was a little threatening. It was actually sprinkling a little when I left the house but I put my hood up and headed out. About ten minutes into my walk the rain stopped and it ended up being a pretty nice morning.

In town I notice this sign supporting our local schools. I feel it’s a worthy cause and thought I’d share it with you. Who knows some “Coupevillians” may just pick up on it and get involved. To read all about “The Community Foundation for Coupeville Public Schools” just click HERE!


Beyond that I didn’t see a whole lot that needed photographing. I’ve taken numerous photos of this farm and the lighting this morning was really nice. I did Photoshop it a little but I like it!


Further out on the prairie I spotted this container ship cruising through Admiralty Inlet behind this barn. I thought it made for an interesting picture since it’s not something you see every day, unless you live around Coupeville.


Now onto the weekend. I hope you have a great one and come back to walk with me again next week.


This morning I had a good five mile walk that yielded some nice photos, at least to my eyes. I hope you enjoy our walk today and all that we saw.

This immature Eagle is just starting to come into it’s white head, won’t be long now.


Out on the Ebey Prairie I noticed that the spring planting of farmers is starting to sprout.


There are actually quite a few new fields that are starting to show signs of growth. Here’s a panorama of Ebey Prairie. If you click on the picture it will open up full size.


The Sherman Farm folks looks like they’ve put their hay-ride wagon in the barn until fall.


Daffodils are popping up all over the place, even where they weren’t planted by man. I spotted this wild daffodil along a fence row.


Speaking of spring flowers these Azalia’s were just beautiful together. They made for a colorful pink and blue photo.


Make a great day!


During my morning walk I spotted and interesting bush by the Coupeville High School. It had seed pods in various stages of life. This photo makes me think of life and how it has a beginning, a middle and an end.


I thought Ebey Prairie had some really nice color combinations this morning. Your opinion may very but I hope you enjoy it just the same.


It’s Friday so I probably won’t walk tomorrow but I look forward to walking with you again Monday. Have a great weekend!


Happy Monday of the first week of November, where do the days go?

This morning was another beautiful sunrise but it was accented by some very dramatic clouds. Once again there were also thousands of Canada Geese feeding in the fields of Ebey Prairie. I imagine they are bulking up for winter. I’ve also included three photographs that I really like from this morning’s walk.

So with that here are the clouds, no commentary required.





And here come the geese a lucky shot. Well not totally a “lucky shot” I took about fifteen pictures to get this one. Practice makes perfect 🙂


As long as we have birds I like this shot of a Red-Shafted Flicker.


This turn-of-the-century farm out on the Ebey Prairie looked very homey in the morning light.


And finally, I just can’t get enough of the old Coupeville Grain Wharf. The tide was in and in the morning light it was just perfect.


Have a great week!


It was a crystal clear morning for my walk today. Unfortunately I spent most of it looking at the ground, let me explain. Yesterday while riding my new bike I lost my “FitBit”. It was only a four mile ride but when you’re looking for a needle in a haystack, that’s a lot of looking down. I walked a total of six miles and did not find it, darn.

What I did salvage from my walk was a nice photo and some silly ones. I’ll start with the silly ones first.

Here on the Ebey Prairie they grow some very strange crops. To being with did you know that they grow “marshmallows”? Well they do here.


We have another farmer that grows “Seagulls”. I don’t believe  I’ve ever eaten a farm grown Seagull 🙂


This is the story of the “Hard Workin’ Guy and The Slacker”.

The first guy, the “Slacker” was responsible for sweeping the edge of the road for the line painter.


The whistle blew and he stopped for the day.

The “Hard Workin’ Guy”, a “Line Painter”, only had a mile to go to finish the road so he kept right on working to finish the job even though the whistle blew.


What a dedicated guy 🙂

And finally a really nice photo of a farm with the Olympic Mountains in the background basking in the beautiful morning sun.


Have a great week ahead and thanks for visiting my Photoblog.


Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of days but I’ve had things going on in the mornings so never got “Round Tuit”.

This morning’s walk was foggier than previous days so even “Phog Fotos” were difficult. Here’s a photo of one of the farms on Ebey Prairie which gives you a good idea of the degree of fog.


The people with the “Tin Family” have them made up for Halloween, cute.


They say a photo should tell a story all on it’s own. Well if you’ve ever been to Toby’s Tavern in Coupeville you’d know that they have some of the best mussels and clams around. This picture sums up why the are so good. The Penn Cove Mussel Farm is about one mile west of town. This truck is delivering mussels and clams right from the water to the tavern. To be fair to other eateries in town they all get fresh daily deliveries of shellfish from Penn Cove Shellfish.


A comment from one of my new subscribers suggested a “Characters I Encounter” section in my blog. I like the idea and I’ll start with this “character”. It’s my friend Al who walks ten miles each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. He’s a lot of fun and great guy. Nice picture Al 🙂


Have a great weekend filled with fun and joy.