PATCHY FOG – October 9, 2017

This morning I saw something on my walk that disturbed me but I not really sure of the emotion. I showed you this “witch” on one of my walks last week.

Witch in Wheel Chair

Apparently someone needed the wheelchair more than Dorthy did because this morning it was gone. The mixed emotion comes from the total disregard for the display but perhaps a person who really needed a wheelchair.

Dorthy on Ground

Through the fog I spotted the Sherman Pioneer Farm pumpkin truck advertising their pumpkins for sale. It is parked along side of the highway. You can see the Olympic Mountains in the background.

Pumpkin Truck in Fog

This little patch of tule fog caught my eye because of the layers and the gap in-between, very odd.

Tule Fog Separation Line

With that we start a new week. I hope you have a really good one and thanks for walking with me.

A DIFFERENT DAY – August 15, 2017

As you’ve seen in my recent blogs we’ve had stellar sunrises. Well today was a different day and with it came different weather. It’s cloudy and we have some fog so like my brother Ron always says: “On a foggy day take foggy photos”. Works for me! Here’s the Coupeville Wharf taken from the end of my street.

Foggy Wharf

There is a beautiful old house that I just love. I believe it’s a bed and breakfast but not sure. I like the bright yellow paint with the white trim, very classy.

Yellow House Before

Well that’s about to change. They are painting it and I have to say, I’m not crazy about their color choice. It’s like a blue/purple/black color. It may be striking when they are done but I think I prefer the yellow.

Yellow House After

It seems like every week there are more and more deer. We saw a doe with two new fawns just yesterday, I believe it might be the second batch this year. Taking care of all those kids must wear them out. Here’s a pair just resting in the tall grass.

Deer Resting

I have a neighbor who’s a retired art teacher and he is always putting up interesting art in his yard and gardens. This one caught my eye this morning with the sunflower in front of it.

Art and Sunflower

And that wraps up Tuesday’s walk. I hope you enjoyed it, I sure do enjoy the company from all of you. Have a great day!

FOG BANKS – February 16, 2016

After a whole bunch of rain I finally got out for a little walk this morning. My back is still hurting so I’m just taking it ease. I only walked down to the wharf and back.

It was a very cloudy morning so the lighting wasn’t great but I found the low hanging fog banks around Penn Cove rather interesting.

Here’s the Coupeville Wharf as I was heading that way. I like the low hanging clouds behind it.


From the wharf I looked west and noticed a big fog bank hanging over the muscle farm. You can see the muscle processor boat all lit up harvesting today’s catch, yum!


Looking east across Penn Cove you can see the clouds hugging the Cascade Mountain Range.


This photo has nothing to do with fog banks but I just like it. This juvenile seagull is almost done losing it’s gray baby feathers and becoming the beautiful white that the adults exhibit.


As always I hope you enjoyed our walk today. It wasn’t very far but as always there’s something interesting to see around my wee town.

MORNING FOG – February 9, 2016

I have some confessions to make about today’s photo. First of all I took it yesterday! The reason I used it is because I like it and I didn’t walk today.

Yesterday when I was taking the photos of the new remodel of the old Robertson’s Store building. I was trying to get a better angle for a photo and while backing up tripped over a road cone.

I went down like a sack of potatoes, flat on my back. I would have been just fine except for the strap I use to hole my camera also holds spare batteries, filters and the like.

As luck would have it the pouch that holds the batteries was just to the right of my spine and slammed into a big muscle. I almost passed out from the pain but after sitting for a while with my head between my legs I recovered and sauntered on home.

All this to say that I’ll still hurting this morning and passed on a walk on a beautiful day, bummer!

Anyhow here’s the photo I took of the morning fog on Penn Cove. Just up the hill from the little fog cloud is where I live 🙂


I hope you put your shoes on and went with out me, there’s a whole lot to see out there in your world. I’ll be back soon!

FOGGY FALL – October 20, 2015

This morning we had fog and like my brother Ron always says, “If you have fog take fog pictures.” Good advice Bro!

Here are some samplings of our fall colors faded by a bit of the morning fog.


While this weeping tree isn’t very colorful it is kind of nice photo for the Halloween season.


It was fairly dark when I went out so I decided to try my flash on this tree. It’s rather abstract and I like it. I hope you do as well.


I hope you enjoyed that and hope you get out there and see the beautiful fall colors in your area.

FOGGY WHARF – September 4, 2015

I was surprised by the fog this morning. When I left the house it was partly cloudy but a couple of miles into my walk the fog rolled in. That made for some interesting photos. My brother Ron always says, “If it’s foggy take foggy photos.” so I did.

Here’s the Coupeville Wharf from the bluff to the southwest.


I walked out on the wharf and spotted this Kingfisher. They are hard to get a good photo because they are very skittish. I think I finally got a good one.


My old friend Frank the heron was on his favorite post. I liked the contrast between him and the foggy sailboat.


Earlier in my walk I spotted these fish “swimming” in front of the Pacific NorthWest Art School, very colorful.


Here’s the full display.


I hope you had a good week and now onward to Labor Day Weekend. I hope you have a fun holiday.

FOGGY MORN – January 14, 2015

Once again it was dark, cold and foggy only today the fog was even thicker than earlier this week. In fact it was so foggy I only got one good shot. I did manage to find a couple of interesting things though.

The first thing I spotted was how my LED headlight reflected off the pine needles as I walked down the street. They were very wet from the fog. There was a light somewhere behind that gave and eerie red-orange glow. I sort of like it.


While Christmas is over and the decorations have come down it looks like some people still can’t let it go. Oh wait, those aren’t Christmas lights they are Seahawks’ colors, yippee, Go Seahawks!


And now for my shot of the day. The Coupeville Wharf was shrouded in fog with barely enough light to get a good photo. Here is what I was able to capture.


I hope you didn’t get too damp on our little walk today although it was pretty misty.


I really had to be careful this morning as the fog had frozen on the streets and it was very slippery. The fog was heavy in Coupeville but had a nice sunrise out on the Ebey Prairie. All that made for some nice photo to start your week. So get you jacket on and lets go for a walk.

Did I mention it was foggy? Here are two photos of the wharf this morning.



Out on Ebey Prairie the sun was trying to make an entrance.




At the Sherman’s Pioneer Farm Produce I spotted this retired tractor. I really like taking photos of old farm equipment and they have a bunch.


And for something just a little off the wall I spied Penny sporting an interesting T-shirt at the Far From Normal store.


That should get your week going now take off your jacket and get busy 🙂


I had a busy day and didn’t get this posted until late in the afternoon, sorry.

I walked 6 1/2 miles in  “Pea Soup” fog, I couldn’t see any further than about 1/8 mile. I still managed to find a few interesting photos for you.

Here’s a good photo of the fog as I walked on the Kettle Trail alongside highway 520.


The Sherman Pioneer Produce Farm is open for selling pumpkins. This trailer is parked on the corner of their farm. What caught my eye on the sign is that Sherman Pioneer Farm Produce was started in 1852, the town of Coupeville wasn’t  founded until 1853.


I spotted this log and it looked like a “Laughing Horse”. What do you think?


I do believe that this boat has seen better days as far as a watercraft goes but it makes a better photo now.


Coupeville in the fog.


The weather forecast if for more of the same, the photo-ops are getting slim.


It was foggy again this morning and I was wondering what would inspire me to make an interesting photoblog. I spotted some leaves lying on the ground and it got me thinking about the “End of Season” as in, things are changing as the year goes on and the seasons change.

This tree was loosing it leaves signaling the end of summer.


Out on the Ebey Prairie is noticed another sign of change.


I guess you could call this the final “End of Season”.


These are the very last of our crabapples.


The “Tin Farmers Family” have quite a ways to go before their “End of Season” but rust is certainly working on them.


This barn is sadly ending it’s season as well.

And now some “non theme” photos that I liked this morning. This is St. Mary’s Catholic Church in the fog.


What do you get when you have fog, a post and sunrise? A “Fire-stick”!


I walked down to the beach and took this foggy photo of the wharf.