BAMBIES – June 17, 2015

Hey, let’s go for a walk and see what’s happening around Coupeville.

First stop, baby deer! I spotted these beautiful little fawns trying to hide behind the bushes. “I’m hiding, you can’t see me!”


A little further up the road this “Tin Man” caught my eye. It was hanging on a miniature windmill.


As I passed by I looked back and was surprised to see that it’s a birdhouse.


Coming down into Coupeville I just couldn’t help myself and had to take another beautiful photo of the Coupeville Wharf with these wild roses in front.


Down on the wharf I spent quite a bit of time chasing this Kingfisher. These little guys are very skittish and won’t let you get very close. It finally landed on the railing of one of the historic Front Street buildings and I got it! Not great but there ya go.


Thanks for walking with me on such a beautiful morning. I look forward to doing it again real soon.


Happy June! It’s hard to believe that this year is almost half over already, wow, where do they go?

This morning I found a beautiful sky and lots of reflections. I took so many photos it was hard to pair them down to these few. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

First stop, “Sunrise Over Penn Cove”.


Here’s another looking across Penn Cove taken from the Coupeville Wharf.


I generally prefer to take landscape photos, as in horizontal photos, but now and then the shot just needs to stand tall, like this sailboat.


These two old buildings along Front Street required a portrait shot as well. The building on the left is Aqua Gifts and on the right Knead & Feed.


And yet another reflection of the Coupeville historic district. I just can’t seem to get enough of these.


That starts what could be a rainy week ahead and like everyone we could use some rain. Have a great week and month and thanks for walking with me.

FRONT STREET NEWS – May 20, 2015

Big things are happening along Front Street in Coupeville. Toby’s Tavern is getting a new face-lift and Whidbey Isle Yarns are moving into the 1886 Coupeville Cash Store building.

Monday they started work on Toby’s Tavern to restore the front of the building. In 1955 the store front was covered with grooved plywood and painted. The process begins with removing the signs.


During this mornings walk I saw that they had removed all the signs and old plywood, exposing the original tongue and groove cedar siding.


While it’s impossible to read in that photo I did a little searching and manipulation in Photoshop and figured our what was written on the original siding.

High up on the building it says “Coupeville Cash And Carry”. On the left side top is says “Willy’s Service” as it was once upon a time a service station. The light blue panel near the bottom left says “Motorite”. Do any of you remember “Motorite”?


This is what the building looked like before it was covered with plywood.


John Rodriguey, owner of Toby’s Tavern and the original Whidbey Mercantile building, said: “I have an old photograph from about 1900. “I’m trying to duplicate it as close as we can get it. There have been a lot of changes over the years.”

To read all about this history of this building click “HERE“. To read about the remodel click “HERE“.

A little closer to the wharf I spotted Dena moving all of her wares into the old “Coupeville Cash Store”.

Dena is the owner of Whidbey Isle Yarns and I’m very excited to see her move into Front Street. Her business was previously on Main Street but this should be a much better location and a much better fit for our historic front street than the real estate office the was previously housed in this space.

You may remember the photo I took of the knitted bicycle out in front of her old place of business.


The thing that is so nice about Dena’s business is everything is hand selected or made by local artisans and as she says “Nothing from China”!

If you love yarns and would like some of the very best, along with some antiques and art pieces, Whidbey Isle Yarns is the place. Also Dena is very knowledgeable and loves to talk “all things yarn!”

This is the front of her new store.


While nothing is really in place yet it will be by the time she opens this weekend.

This rack of yarns caught my eye and made for a lovely photograph.


I hope you enjoyed that little tour of Front Street and all the excitement. Now get over the hump and slide down to the weekend.

FLOWERS AND BIRDS – May 18, 2015

Sorry for the long delay but I’ve been really busy and just haven’t had the time to post a blog. I know, I’m retired and should have all kinds of time but that doesn’t seem to be the case I still get busy!

I only walked a couple of miles this morning but it was daylight and it got a few nice photos. It seems as though ‘flowers’ caught my eye first and then a couple of birds.

We’ll start with my neighbors front yard. These “Red Hot Pokers” line the entire length of her fence.


A little further down the road I spotted this very inviting gate and home.


Down on Front Street near the Coupeville Wharf this flower basket full of Geraniums caught my eye. They were hanging on the front of Collections Boutique.


I saw the Schooner Suva tied to the dock with a great sky in the distance.


On the wharf I spotted our resident Great Blue Heron sitting on it’s favorite post.


On the way home I captured this photo of an injured Ringneck Dove. I know it’s injured because yesterday it was sitting on our front porch bench and then jumped down to the deck. We were worried about all the cats that live on our block so Marilyn picked it up and put it in a safe place. This morning it was a block away sitting on a low branch of a tree, still not very safe.


So that was our walk for today. I hope you keep walking even on the days I miss, it’s really good for you. Enjoy your week.

PENN COVE SUNRISE – April 3, 2015

During our walk this morning the sunrise over Penn Cove did its part to start this glorious day. Not much more to say than “check out these photos”!



We were also getting some of the “golden hour” effect on the Front Street buildings as they were patiently waiting for today’s onslaught of island visitors.


From time to time I like to share some of the more classic looking houses around Coupeville that remind me of a time gone by. This is Rudy and Colleen’s home by the Coupeville Town Park. I do not know the history of the house but it’s just beautiful and oozes the Coupeville spirit. Rudy even fires up their old cast-iron kitchen stove every morning to warm up the house and make coffee, at least that’s what I think.


Thanks for walking with me this week. Come join me next week and bring a friend. Have a great weekend 🙂

ELUSIVE AURORA – March 18, 2015

I did not see one person walking this morning when I left the house at 3:00am in search of the elusive aurora borealis. According to the astronomical prognosticators there was supposed to be a stellar show of Northern Lights between 2:30 and 4:00 this morning. I got up at 2:30, looked out the window and saw stars, that was enough to get me up and going.

I walked to the high bank above Penn Cove, near the Coupeville Wharf, and set up my tripod and camera. Then I waited. While I waited I decided to take a few shots to see what the night had to offer. While I never did see a strong sheet of colored lights as you’d expect I did get some nice coloring in the sky.


Since there wasn’t much happening on the horizon I focused on the wharf which looked quite nice in the darkness of morning.


Swinging my camera a little farther east I captured Front Street which was not even close to waking up.


Well that was fun, don’t you agree?

As long as I have lots of time on my hands this morning I thought I’d share a few photos from our outing yesterday. We went to Greenbank, here on Whidbey Island, for some business and decided to have lunch at the old Greenbank Store. It’s a really great store and deli that was built in 1904.


They have a sign on the side of the building that really makes me laugh. I wonder what parts of “Man” and what “Beast’s” they serve?


On the way home the Navy EA-18’s were flying off of the Outlying Field. This was the last plane flying as they were all returning to the main base in Oak Harbor. They are not great photos but interesting just the same.



With that I’ll turn you lose to enjoy your day. And what day is it…?

FOGGY BARNS – February 24, 2015

This morning’s walk took me on a loop out to the Ebey Prairie and back through Coupeville. It was another beautiful morning but there was some tule fog on the prairie that made for a couple of nice photos.

This first one is of the Sherman’s Pioneer Farm barns with a layer of tule fog down low, or is that “On the down low?” 😉


Not far from there I captured this farmhouse with the Olympic Mountains standing tall.


Back in Coupeville I thought I’d share a photo of “town”. The historic center of Coupeville is Front Street which is about two blocks long. This photo is looking up Front Street to the sunrise in the east.


And that wrapped up our walk for today. I’m not sure what tomorrow will bring as sprinkles are coming back into the forecast. If I do get out for a walk please come join me, I always enjoy your company 🙂