It looks like people are really taking “The Haunting of Coupeville” to heart. Since I’m aware of that I won’t be calling the cops despite some disturbing observations during this morning’s walk.

This was found in a neighbors yard.


Then I saw this mummy hanging in the second story window of this old home.


It would appear that this old tractor has come back to life and taken vengeance on the owner who let it rust away.


Down on Front Street the Knead and Feed Bakery/Restaurant had this nicely done witches pot that has consumed the witch.


At the entrance to the Coupeville Wharf was this display of “Magic Wishing Pumpkins”.


I touched a pumpkin, made a wish and indeed I’m having a most “Special Day” šŸ™‚

Here’s are close-up’s of the signs:

10-10-14-sign2Ā Ā 10-10-14-sign1

My friend the heron is back on his perch. Ā I’ve decided to name this heron, I’ll call him “Frank”!

Why would you call a bird “Frank”?

Bird books have a unique way of verbalizing the sounds that birds make. For instance an Olive Sided Fly Catcher calls “Whip Three Beers”. To replicate the sound that a heron makes lower your voice and in a raspy tone call out “FRANK”! Now sit back and wait for the heron’s to flock around you šŸ˜‰

So with that tale, here’s my “shot of the day”.


In the words of Forest Gump, “Have A Great Day”:



The Haunting of Coupeville continues as I discovered on my morning walk today. Some of the “haunting” is natural while others are man made as you’ll see.

It was even foggier and darker this morning than yesterday but once again I made the best of it and had a nice walk.

The spiders seem to be really busy building webs to catch food for their winter stores. This one with the autumn leaves really caught my eye.


This spider was lying in wait for the next tasty meal.


Another new scarecrow showed up this morning. It’s presented by the Coupeville Elementary School, Second Grade, nicely done kids.


I grew up in a small Nebraska town where most homes had nice big front porches. This home, especially with the fall colors, really reminds me of those times.


The Halloween decorations are going up all aroundĀ Coupeville and this gentleman, I forgot his name, was helping the Coupeville Historic Waterfront Association group put up hay bails, pumpkins and corn stalks. They are all along Front Street, nicely done group.


As usual, thanks for walking with me, I really enjoy your company!


As often happens, I walked out the door and said, “It’s too dark and foggy to get any good photos today.” Well perhaps I was wrong. If not “great” photos you may find them interesting or you may even like them. So lets go for a walk.

First stop, this fall colored vine growing over this arched gate. I really like the colors in this one.


Just to prove it was a flat light, foggy morning, I submit the following. This sailboat almost looked lonely with only it’s reflection to keep it company.


The Coupeville Wharf with seagulls


Front Street, downtown Coupeville


Out on the wharf I spotted my walking buddy, “Al Thewalker”. We don’t walk together but we cross paths and share stories or lies as the case my be. The foggy backside of Front Street is in the background.


The “Haunting of Coupeville” continues. This cemetery has some wonderful headstones. It’s located just behind the rec hall.


There were more scarecrows that popped up this morning. Here are the latest ones.

Kapaw’s Iskreme and Far From Normal.

10-08-14-kapawsĀ Ā 10-08-14-far-from-normal

The Basset Hound Club of Whidbey Island


Thanks for walking with me and have a great Hump Day šŸ™‚


Hi everyone, sorry for the hiatus but we’ve had some health issues lately that have curtailed my morning walks. Hopefully this will be the beginning of my daily walks once again.

This morning it was very cloudy and gray when I left the house at 6:45. I guess if I want to walk and take pictures I’ll have to start a little later in the morning so the lighting is better.

Here’s an example of this morning’s lighting with a sailboat in Penn Cove.


Of course no walk around Coupeville would be complete without a shot of theĀ Coupeville Wharf.


Even Front Street had a certain grayness to it. You might also notice how heavy our morning rush hour is, NOT!


To great me back to walking my old friend the Heron was posing quite nicely.


I planĀ to be back tomorrow and I hope you will join me then for a little walk. Have a great week ahead!


Well today will be my last “Coupeville Impression” for a while. We’re headed for points east with a family reunion in the middle of our trip. We’ll be camping and suffering through the 103 degree heat in Eastern Washington but we’ll have a good time just the same. Unfortunately our house/kitty sitter doesn’t walk orĀ blog so no news from Coupeville for a while. I will try and post a blog now and then while on vacation but it will be mostly dependent on the availability of WiFi. We’ll check in with our house/kitty sitter daily to keep a remote eye on our wee town and say “Hi” to Ms. Kitty Kitty šŸ™‚

I thought I’d try something a little different this morning. I generally take two types of photos during my walk, “pretty pictures” and “public interest”. This morning I have some of each and will post the “pretty pictures” large and “public interest” smaller.

First off “Pretty Pictures”. This doe and fawn posing in the yellow morning sun were just waiting for me to take their photo.


The “SuperMoon” is starting to wain but still made for a nice photo.


Every time I try to take a photo of harbor seals they take a dive just as I’m about to push the button. This morning I got lucky and caught this little guy just before he dove.


Speaking of Photography, this is John Deir a fellow member of the Whidbey Focus Facebook group. He has a particular interest in time-lapse photography and he was taking a long time-lapse of the sunrise and the wharf. It will be fun to see what he comes up with once it gets edited down. Keep an eye on the Whidbey Focus Facebook page to see his efforts. While your there why not “Like” and “Follow” Whidbey FocusĀ we have some really nice photographers and photos posted.


As a segue to “Public Interest” I found this little stuffed dog on the porch of the Joseph B. Libbey house, circa 1870. Joseph moved to Coupeville around 1859 when he was nine years old. He built this home when he was only 20. He served as County Treasurer for two years, County Auditor for five years, and was Clerk of the School District No. 2. He died in 1922. (source: “A Particular Friend, Penn’s Cove” by Jimmie Jean Cook).


The house has been vacant for many years and there has often been talk about moving it. Today I noticed a bunch of white things piled up behind it along with the pile of wire on the front porch. Something seems to be going on. I hope they are going to do something good with it.

07-14-14-libbey-houseĀ Ā 07-14-14-libbey-back

If you remember from a few days ago I showed you the new path along Front Street that’s been rebuilt now that the slidingĀ bank has been determined to be stable. Well they’ve improved it even further with a really nice pole rail.


And I thought this was funny. There’s a small cabin on Front Street, down the cliff by the water. There is no address sign for the house and I guess the owners decided they really needed one. To the right of this photo are the steps going down to their cabin you can’t see it from the street.


Here’s their solution!


Thanks for walking with me today and have a great week ahead. With any luck I’ll have a fun blog from somewhere around Twisp, Washington in a day or two.


Once again I managed to walk only 1 1/2 miles this morning. Actually it went quite well and I think I’m gaining on my bursitis. I walked down to the wharf and back, the same as I walked Friday, but still found some interesting stuff to photograph.

I took a photo of my neighbors place where he has a saddle besideĀ the fence gate and an interesting building in the background.


The rest of this blog is a “reading assignment”. I wanted to share a great place to stay if you ever come visit Coupeville. “Cottage on the Cove” is right on the water and right at the end of Front Street.


Here’s the history of the building.


I took this photo through the window just to give you an idea of how quaint it is.


One thing we don’t like on Front Street are empty buildings. Since Coupeville is a tourist town we like lots of stores and restaurants. This building has been empty for a couple of years. It use to be the “Mad Crab” restaurant but sadly it closed and has not been open for a very long time.

The building was built in 1866 to houseĀ the John Robertson’s store. It will be fun to see what’s next for this historic building.


About a year ago it was sold and we’ve been waiting to see what’s going to happen with it. Finally a sign has gone up and here’s the story.


With that I’ll let you get on with your day. Thanks for walking with me, all be it a short one. Hopefully we’ll do this again tomorrow!


Finally a little light in the morning. I walked yesterday but it was so cloudy and dark there were just not any photo-ops! This morning was a little better. There were still clouds but they were more broken up allowing for more daylight.

I thought the combination of the Olympic Mountains, clouds and steam from the cardboard factory in Port Townsend made for an interesting photo. The colors were what you see, a very “blue” morning.


Once again I was struck by how neat the wharf looks, I just never get tired of looking at it, I hope you don’t either. This was from the trail that goes from Town Park down to Front Street.


I walked out on the dock and got this picture of the wharf looking up the ramp.


And one last shot from out on the dock looking across at the historic Front Street of Coupeville.


What a wonderful morning! I hope you enjoyed walking with me.