GOING, GOING … – July 6, 2017

This morning’s walk was during what photographers call the “Golden Hour”. That’s the hour just after the sun comes up. Everything has a golden glow to it.

I walked out to the Ebey Prairie again and just had to take another picture of this farm building. I’ve been taking pictures of it for years and it continues to just barely hang on. I’d guess that in another year it will be gone of at least completely overgrown.

Colapsing Shed

Yesterday I showed you “White Roses and Rust”, this morning I give you “Red Roses and Rust”. This old Allis-Chalmers tractor has long retired from service but still makes a pretty picture.

Allis-Chalmers Tractor and Red Roses

It’s great to see you again, have a nice day!

PENN COVE SUNRISE – April 3, 2015

During our walk this morning the sunrise over Penn Cove did its part to start this glorious day. Not much more to say than “check out these photos”!



We were also getting some of the “golden hour” effect on the Front Street buildings as they were patiently waiting for today’s onslaught of island visitors.


From time to time I like to share some of the more classic looking houses around Coupeville that remind me of a time gone by. This is Rudy and Colleen’s home by the Coupeville Town Park. I do not know the history of the house but it’s just beautiful and oozes the Coupeville spirit. Rudy even fires up their old cast-iron kitchen stove every morning to warm up the house and make coffee, at least that’s what I think.


Thanks for walking with me this week. Come join me next week and bring a friend. Have a great weekend 🙂