As 2014 “Flies Away” we bid farewell to another good year and look forward to 2015.

But wait, that’s not what I’m talking about, this blog is for the birds 🙂

Once again it was cold and dark for our walk so I didn’t get much. What did catch my eye was the red tailed hawk sitting in the top of a pine tree being harassed by crows. I followed it from tree to tree and got two shots of it perched in the orange morning sun.



It looked really puffed up, probably from the 26 degree F chill.

The pictures aren’t very clear because it was still pretty dark and I was hand holding my camera. I also used a little bit too much vignette to highlight the hawk but it’s what you get today.

I was hoping it would fly my way so I could try to capture it mid flight but it was not to be. It did however “Fly Away” hence the title of this blog.


Thanks again for walking with me this past year and I hope you have a really fun and safe New Year’s Eve!


This blog is “for the birds”. During this past week I seemed to noticed a lot of birds and I’ve been working on my skills to capture some of them. You have to understand that birds have a built in sense as to when you are putting the camera to your eye and zooming in preparing to take their picture. Just as you are squeezing the button they take flight. I have a rather large collection of blurred birds taking flight and blank sky with no visible birds.

Below are a collection of birds I did manage to capture this week during my daily walks. I’m not sure what they all are but will make some guesses. If you want a bigger look at these birds you can click on the image to make it larger.

Not sure what these are but I liked the silhouettes, great flappers.

12-bird01     12-bird05




12-bird11      12-bird02

Great Blue Heron

12-bird09     12-bird06

Red Tail Hawk and ?

12-bird07     12-bird08

So I guess I’m gaining on it. I think I’ll keep working at this and over time I’m sure I’ll have even more and better bird shots.

Thanks for flying with me and have a great weekend.