COUPEVILLE SUNRISE – October 16, 2015

Oh boy I get to wrap up the week with another wonderful sunrise over Coupeville. This one was really interesting as the colors kept changing from flaming orange to pastel pink and blue.

This shot is looking east up Front Street, the old “main drag” of the town.


My friend “Frank the Heron” was standing tall in this silhouette.


A little further out on the wharf I caught Frank against the pastel beauty of Mt. Baker.


And speaking of Mt. Baker, here’s the sloop “Suva” docked at the wharf, again with Mt. Baker in the background.


What a wonderful way to end the week. I hope you have a fantastic weekend and that you can join me again next week for some more walks around Coupeville and the surrounding area.

FOGGY WHARF – September 4, 2015

I was surprised by the fog this morning. When I left the house it was partly cloudy but a couple of miles into my walk the fog rolled in. That made for some interesting photos. My brother Ron always says, “If it’s foggy take foggy photos.” so I did.

Here’s the Coupeville Wharf from the bluff to the southwest.


I walked out on the wharf and spotted this Kingfisher. They are hard to get a good photo because they are very skittish. I think I finally got a good one.


My old friend Frank the heron was on his favorite post. I liked the contrast between him and the foggy sailboat.


Earlier in my walk I spotted these fish “swimming” in front of the Pacific NorthWest Art School, very colorful.


Here’s the full display.


I hope you had a good week and now onward to Labor Day Weekend. I hope you have a fun holiday.

SAILOR TAKE WARNING – August 11, 2015

If the old saying “Red in the morning sailor take warning” is true then we could be in big trouble. This is that it looked like as the sun came up today.


I think my heron friend “Frank” is a Donald Trump fan, he’s even adopted his hair style 😉


OK, that was kid of silly I agree so here’s good ol’ Frank.


Have a great day!

FLOWERS AND BIRDS – May 18, 2015

Sorry for the long delay but I’ve been really busy and just haven’t had the time to post a blog. I know, I’m retired and should have all kinds of time but that doesn’t seem to be the case I still get busy!

I only walked a couple of miles this morning but it was daylight and it got a few nice photos. It seems as though ‘flowers’ caught my eye first and then a couple of birds.

We’ll start with my neighbors front yard. These “Red Hot Pokers” line the entire length of her fence.


A little further down the road I spotted this very inviting gate and home.


Down on Front Street near the Coupeville Wharf this flower basket full of Geraniums caught my eye. They were hanging on the front of Collections Boutique.


I saw the Schooner Suva tied to the dock with a great sky in the distance.


On the wharf I spotted our resident Great Blue Heron sitting on it’s favorite post.


On the way home I captured this photo of an injured Ringneck Dove. I know it’s injured because yesterday it was sitting on our front porch bench and then jumped down to the deck. We were worried about all the cats that live on our block so Marilyn picked it up and put it in a safe place. This morning it was a block away sitting on a low branch of a tree, still not very safe.


So that was our walk for today. I hope you keep walking even on the days I miss, it’s really good for you. Enjoy your week.

GREAT BLUE HERON – April 30, 2015

Good Morning! Glad you could join me for a walk today, the last day of April, 2015. My-oh-my where do the days and months go?

I actually walked yesterday but only took two pictures and neither one was “blog-worthy”. That’s one of the few times I’ve been skunked.

This morning looked like it was going to be a repeat but then I got lucky down on the wharf.

As I was approaching the Coupeville Wharf I thought these flowers and what little sunrise we had would make a nice photo and it did except it’s a tad out of focus. I should have been carrying my tripod.


I spotted a nice big Blue Heron from the dock and chased it around trying to get a nice photo. Here’s the one I liked best. You usually don’t see that much blue on them, generally they are more gray.


Shortly after that photo it took flight and I tried to capture it with its wings out. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough light for a good fast photo but I kind of like how it turned out. It’s sort looks like a ghost bird with a ghost seagull chasing it. What looks like a second seagull below is actually a reflection in the water. My attempt at being artsy 🙂


I hope you enjoyed that and will join me again tomorrow. As always, thanks for walking with me.


It was kind of threatening morning, weather wise, but the rain held off and I had a nice little walk. On my way to the Coupeville Wharf I spotted these white berries on a red bush and I really liked the contrast.


Out on the wharf my friend Frank, the heron, was posing on his favorite post. It’s really fun to see him most mornings. It’s kind of like he’s waiting for me to take his picture. That’s Mt. Baker in the background.


Also this morning the seagulls were covering the wharf roof. Someday’s they are all over the place, like this morning, and other days they are just on the roof line, I don’t know why.


The Haunting of Coupeville continues with two more scarecrows I spotted. This first one is in front of Christopher’s Restaurant and really creepy! Rather than a real scarecrow it’s like a campsite for a serial killer with the “Missing Person’s” poster in the background. There’s even a video camera with the red light going on and off, strange.


The other one I spotted was on the porch of Lavender Wind. It has a really nice looking witch but not too scary.


That starts off the week ahead. Thanks for walking with me and I hope you make it a good week!


It looks like people are really taking “The Haunting of Coupeville” to heart. Since I’m aware of that I won’t be calling the cops despite some disturbing observations during this morning’s walk.

This was found in a neighbors yard.


Then I saw this mummy hanging in the second story window of this old home.


It would appear that this old tractor has come back to life and taken vengeance on the owner who let it rust away.


Down on Front Street the Knead and Feed Bakery/Restaurant had this nicely done witches pot that has consumed the witch.


At the entrance to the Coupeville Wharf was this display of “Magic Wishing Pumpkins”.


I touched a pumpkin, made a wish and indeed I’m having a most “Special Day” 🙂

Here’s are close-up’s of the signs:

10-10-14-sign2  10-10-14-sign1

My friend the heron is back on his perch.  I’ve decided to name this heron, I’ll call him “Frank”!

Why would you call a bird “Frank”?

Bird books have a unique way of verbalizing the sounds that birds make. For instance an Olive Sided Fly Catcher calls “Whip Three Beers”. To replicate the sound that a heron makes lower your voice and in a raspy tone call out “FRANK”! Now sit back and wait for the heron’s to flock around you 😉

So with that tale, here’s my “shot of the day”.


In the words of Forest Gump, “Have A Great Day”:



Hi everyone, sorry for the hiatus but we’ve had some health issues lately that have curtailed my morning walks. Hopefully this will be the beginning of my daily walks once again.

This morning it was very cloudy and gray when I left the house at 6:45. I guess if I want to walk and take pictures I’ll have to start a little later in the morning so the lighting is better.

Here’s an example of this morning’s lighting with a sailboat in Penn Cove.


Of course no walk around Coupeville would be complete without a shot of the Coupeville Wharf.


Even Front Street had a certain grayness to it. You might also notice how heavy our morning rush hour is, NOT!


To great me back to walking my old friend the Heron was posing quite nicely.


I plan to be back tomorrow and I hope you will join me then for a little walk. Have a great week ahead!


Happy Friday! I hope you had a good week and are ready for the weekend. Of course being retired the days just sort of all run together 🙂

This morning I had my camera pointed toward Penn Cove and all the beauty that surrounds it. I hope you enjoy the photos from my little walk.

This is looking northeast toward the Cascade Mountains. You can see that it’s a beautiful day coming on.


Looking  a little further north is this high-bluff basking in the morning sunshine. Oak Harbor is just beyond.


I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this beautiful old yacht. It’s called the “North Star” and I believe it’s a 1952 Setphens yacht. I’m not sure about the length but it sure is sweet!


To wrap up the week I needed just one more photo of my friend the resident Heron. The water was flat, the lighting was great and he was posing pretty.


Have a great weekend and I hope you come walk with me some more next week.


Once again I was treated to a wonderful sunrise with lots of clouds to enhance the suns beauty. I only walked a mile and half but once again found some nice things to photograph. I’m really starting to get used to my new birthday present (Panasonic DMC – Lumix – FZ1000) and I like it 🙂

The first thing I noticed was this tunnel through these bushes with a path leading to a gate. It has nothing to do with the sunrise but…


This weather-vane with the sunrise behind it was just begging to be photographed.


Out on the Coupeville Wharf I saw this old wooden yacht tied to the dock along with a lot of other boats. It’s still boating season in Coupeville.


Once again my old friend the Heron was posing on this log with the morning sun dancing on the water.

08-28-14 heron

That’s all the photos that I felt were worthy of posting but I think they are quite nice even if I do say so myself 😉 Thanks for walking and gawking with me!