SAILBOATS AT SUNRISE – August 25, 2017

As we approach the last few days of August, the dark mornings are getting longer and change is in the air. I keep leaving a little later each morning trying to catch the sunrise and this morning did not disappoint.

Perhaps you’ve heard the old song, “Red Sails In The Sunset”, well this morning it was “Red Sailboats in the Sunrise”. This was taken from the Coupeville Wharf where the sailboats were moored overnight.

Sailboats Red Sunrise at Wharf

Several of you asked if I would take a photo of the beautiful old home that was being painted a very dark color, when it was done, so I did. Now that it’s done it’s quite striking and looks more dark blue that it did against the original yellow color.

Black House

At the end of my walk I decided to take a photo of our volunteer sunflower. There is a pot of flowers on the porch and a few weeks ago what looked like a weed started to sprout. Rather than pull it we decided to see what it was. We think a squirrel most likely planted the seed to be eaten at a later date.

Well it grew and grew and grew and a couple of days ago the flower opened up. What a spectacular addition to our home.

Sunflower Home

So that’s what I saw on our little 2.4 mile walk this morning. Of course I saw lots more but that’s enough for this week.

Have a grand weekend and if you happen to be in the Seattle area swing by the Hiram Chittenden Locks in Ballard, my big swing band, The Tempos, will be performing Sunday from 2:00 – 4:00. Grab me and say hi, I love to meet people who walk with me. I hope to see you there!


I thought rather than a walk around Coupeville this morning I’d share with you what I did yesterday!

I play drums in the big swing band, “The Tempos”. TheĀ group that has been around since the mid 1950’s. I’ve only been with them for the past 42 years, how’s that for a commitment? We performed for the nice folks that visited the Hiram Chittenden Locks in Ballard, WA. It’s a wonderful venue and we had a great, appreciative, audience. It’s fun to watch the hundreds of people that stop and listen to a song or two while walking to and from the locks. They come from all over the world as the locks are a huge tourist site.

Here are some photos of the band, I hope you enjoy looking at them and sharing the day with me.

This is a panorama my sister took.


Here’s a little closer shot of the group.


This is our singer Diane.


The Trombone section.






Ron on bass and me on drums.


It was a beautiful day and we had a great time. This was the eighteenth year we’ve played for these fine folks and we plan to do it again next year.

Have a great week ahead and I’ll see you again soon.