This morning the weather was threatening and I didn’t want to get caught in a downpour out on the prairie so I walked around town. I walked most of the north and south streets in Coupeville. That ends up being quite a workout since north – south goes from the beach up to around 200 feet. Since it was all in town I began noticing some of the additions that people have made to their homes. Then I noticed the horrible colors some people have used to paint their homes. I hope you find this interesting and you get to see a wee bit more of my town.

Here’s today’s route:


Thank you Google Pedometer

The first add-on I noticed was this “crows nest”. Here on the island “view” is everything and some people go out or their way to get one.


This add-on looks like it would be a nice writing room or craft room.


I don’t know what these people were thinking with this addition. It’s an area they created under their deck and the sliding glass doors are sloping outward which would be hard to seal with all the rain we get. They did look wet on the inside.


Here are a couple more “view platforms” that caught my eye.



This was not an addition but it seemed a strange to build a garage at a 45 degree angle.


And then there is “color”. I’m not sure what these people were smoking but it must have been just before they went to the store to look at paint chips. There seems to be a lot of “green”.




The next time I walk around town I’ll get some pictures of the beautiful Victorian homes that were built by sea captains in the late 1800’s.


This morning I noticed that we have some interesting houses around town. Coupeville is known for its beautiful Victorian Sea Captain houses sprinkled around town but a good portion of our homes are just typical house construction of the 40’s and 50’s up to today. But there are a few unusual ones that I though you might enjoy seeing.

This first one was built two years ago and features a solar water heater on the room. The curved metal roofs add interest.


This house was just completed and doesn’t have the yard in yet. I looks out on Penn Cove and has two nice garden decks on the roofs.


This one also looks out on Penn Cove and looks to me like it was built in the late 60’s. Sort of a movies bachelor pad. It’s for rent if anyone is interested.


This last one is stair-stepped to take advantage of the view. I’m guessing it was built in the 70’s. It’s stair-stepped on the other side as well.


Another interesting thing I noticed on my walk this morning were the “faces” in a Madrona trees. The bark of this Madrona is all puckered up and with a little imagination you can make out a number of different faces with puckered lips.


And finally, Penn Cove and Coupeville are famous for  their mussels. Just west of town we have the mussel farm where mussels are raised, harvested and sold all over the world. Just to give you an idea of how plentiful they are around here I took this picture from the wharf looking back toward town. The tide was out and all the dark stuff you see are mussels. People don’t typically eat them off the beach but there sure are a bunch piled up there and stuck to the pilings.


With that we start a new week and a new month. I hope it good for you and thanks for reading along.