Once again I managed to walk only 1 1/2 miles this morning. Actually it went quite well and I think I’m gaining on my bursitis. I walked down to the wharf and back, the same as I walked Friday, but still found some interesting stuff to photograph.

I took a photo of my neighbors place where he has a saddle beside the fence gate and an interesting building in the background.


The rest of this blog is a “reading assignment”. I wanted to share a great place to stay if you ever come visit Coupeville. “Cottage on the Cove” is right on the water and right at the end of Front Street.


Here’s the history of the building.


I took this photo through the window just to give you an idea of how quaint it is.


One thing we don’t like on Front Street are empty buildings. Since Coupeville is a tourist town we like lots of stores and restaurants. This building has been empty for a couple of years. It use to be the “Mad Crab” restaurant but sadly it closed and has not been open for a very long time.

The building was built in 1866 to house┬áthe John Robertson’s store. It will be fun to see what’s next for this historic building.


About a year ago it was sold and we’ve been waiting to see what’s going to happen with it. Finally a sign has gone up and here’s the story.


With that I’ll let you get on with your day. Thanks for walking with me, all be it a short one. Hopefully we’ll do this again tomorrow!