I just can’t believe that this is the last day of July! That was one short month but man was it fantastic. We have had stellar weather and are on day 44 of no measurable rain.

This morning I’ll take you on a three mile walk around Coupeville. As it turned out there were a number of different animals I saw. First up really isn’t an animal but a wood carving of a goose. It looks really good and certainly caught my eye.

Carved Goose

Heading for the center of Coupeville I came face to face with this raccoon and we had a little stare down.


This next picture I actually took last week but it’s just too cool not to post. These eagles were perched in the old walnut tree near the Captain Thomas J. Cope’s house. His wife Maria planted it in the late 1800’s.

Two Eagles in a Tree

I often say, one of the harder birds to capture in a photograph are King Fisher’s. This morning I caught one sitting on “Franks” post next to the Coupeville Wharf. He actually sat there for quite a while, very unusual, at least for me.

King Fisher on Lamp Post

I hope that starts your week in a good way, it certainly did mine. Thanks for walking with me and please share my blog with your friends, thanks.


Another short walk this morning I managed to find, what I feel are, some more nice photos, your impression may vary.

I couldn’t come up with a theme today because nothing similar jumped out at me. Instead I just took some random photos of things I like.

It was much different this morning as the clouds have rolled in for the Labor Day Weekend. Even with dim lighting I just couldn’t pass up yet another photo of the Coupeville Wharf.


On my way to the wharf I saw an old rusty tricycle I hadn’t noticed before. I love rusty old yard art.


I was trying to figure out what this Seagull was saying to the King Fisher. Perhaps he was telling him where the best fish are.


My neighbor John, just down the street, has all kinds of interesting things in his yard. This old saddle caught my eye. I felt it had an interesting, complementary, background as well.


That wraps up my offerings for this week. Have a wonderful holiday and I’ll see you in September!


This morning I doubled my mileage from yesterday and walked three miles. It felt good and I do believe I’m on the mend. I just walked around town but found some things of interest for you.

First stop, one of my favorite heritage homes. It’s the Captain Joseph Clapp home built it 1886. He was a “charming and witty man” who was the master of the tall ships “Charmer”, “Atlanta” and “Jabey Howes”. After he retired from sailing he was the Post Master of Coupeville from 1898 to 1915 as well as deputy County Treasurer and Justice of the Peace.


On Front Street a city worker was already out watering our beautiful flower baskets that hang all over town.


Right near where he was watering I spotted this Great Blue Heron perching on an old light pole in front of the Coupeville Wharf.


Out on the wharf I looked back toward town and spotted this King Fisher sitting on a rail. I just love the sound they make when they fly.


Toward the south side of town I spotted this cotton tail sitting on the little hill above me. They don’t pose very long so felt this shot was sort of lucky.


Back home I saw this deer munching away on my new neighbors, Steve and Betty, shrubs in front of their house. Welcome to Coupeville and good luck with your plants 🙂


For all you hard working folks, Happy Hump Day! For all us retired folks, enjoy the day, whatever day it is.