It was kind of threatening morning, weather wise, but the rain held off and I had a nice little walk. On my way to the Coupeville Wharf I spotted these white berries on a red bush and I really liked the contrast.


Out on the wharf my friend Frank, the heron, was posing on his favorite post. It’s really fun to see him most mornings. It’s kind of like he’s waiting for me to take his picture. That’s Mt. Baker in the background.


Also this morning the seagulls were covering the wharf roof. Someday’s they are all over the place, like this morning, and other days they are just on the roof line, I don’t know why.


The Haunting of Coupeville continues with two more scarecrows I spotted. This first one is in front of Christopher’s Restaurant and really creepy! Rather than a real scarecrow it’s like a campsite for a serial killer with the “Missing Person’s” poster in the background. There’s even a video camera with the red light going on and off, strange.


The other one I spotted was on the porch of Lavender Wind. It has a really nice looking witch but not too scary.


That starts off the week ahead. Thanks for walking with me and I hope you make it a good week!

I’m Back

We are back from our vacation/family reunion and after our “Trip From Hell” we are really glad to be home. We had a fabulous time at the family reunion but the trip was something else. I plan on putting together a travelogue in the future for your enjoyment.

This morning’s walk was sort of short but beautiful. I had a very pleasant surprise when I got to the wharf. I met a new gentleman called Bear who was playing a Nez Perce Native American Flute. I could hear it before I actually saw him and it was a beautiful, haunting sound. He made the flute from Western Cedar. I hope you enjoy the little video clip I have for you. Click on the photo of Bear to hear him play.


There, that should make your day, it sure did make mine!

The deer were out in force this morning, I counted twelve deer. I thought this family was really cute.


This young White-Crowned Sparrow was just waiting for me to take it’s picture so I obliged.


The flower baskets at the Coupeville Library were very pretty and I like the contrast with the “fishy” bike rack.


The flowers are all out at the Lavender Wind store. If you like lavender than this is the place for you.


With that I’ll wrap up the week. I hope you have a great weekend and will come walk with me again next week.