MADRONA TREE – July 11, 2018

Before we get started I’d like to welcome the new people who have signed up to receive my blog in their email. I can’t be positive but I believe they are here because someone told them about my blog and thought they might enjoy it. That’s how my readership grows , by word of mouth, so please do your part and share my blog, “the more the merrier”!

This morning I passed a rather strange house on the edge of town. I believe the house is empty but they sure don’t want anyone messing with it. And here I always thought Coupeville was such a friendly little town. I think I’ll pass this house up next Halloween.

Crazy House

On a happier note, the road from Coupeville west runs along Penn Cove and is lined with beautiful Madrona trees. It’s a beautiful drive and if you ever visit Coupeville I recommend taking Madrona Way out of town instead of the highway. It’s almost as fast and much more beautiful.

Here’s one the the trees that line the road, the really are pretty.

Madrona Tree

That’s all I’ve got for you today but I hope you enjoyed it. You can now continue with your day. Thanks for walking with me.

MORE FRANK – September 12, 2017

Perhaps you’ve heard the musical comment “More Cowbell”. Well this mornings walk presented another photo op for “More Frank”. But first…

I spotted this Madrona tree basking in the golden morning light. It certainly did make the red bark pop! There are a lot of Madrona trees here in Coupeville and mornings like this really makes them special.

Madrona Tree

And, as promised, “More Frank”! I really like this silhouette of Frank, our resident Great Blue Heron, against the morning sky looking over Penn Cove.

Frank - Sailboat - Sunrise

That’s it! I only walked two miles this morning but at least I got out and walked, that’s what’s important. I hope you walk as well and not just with me.

SUN BIRD – August 3, 2017

Good morning everyone, I hope your day is off to a good start I know mine is. A nice little two mile walk to get the motor going.

We currently have a lot of smoke over the area. There are some forest fires burning in Canada and the smoke is being brought down here by a huge high pressure system. While I’m not crazy about it, it certainly does make for some interesting photos.

Yesterday I captured the sun just as it was rising above the trees across the street from my house. I know it doesn’t look real but there it is!


From this morning I captured a small motorboat racing to the sun, at least that’s what it looks like. It is heading east on Penn Cove toward Saratoga Passage.

Small Boat Red Sunrise

Looking west from the Coupeville Wharf I spotted these two madrona trees that were really showing their red bark in the orange morning sunrise.

Hi Bank Madrona Trees

I stole the title for this blog from my sister who posted a similar picture that she took in California a number of years ago. Her’s was a raven flying across the rising sun, I believe mine is a seagull.

Bird in Red Sun

Her’s was better than mine but I still like it.

Have a great day and onward!

MADRONA DYING – March 2, 2017

Welcome to a new month. So far March has been cooler and mostly cloudy with a few sprinkles so I guess I’d have to say it’s coming in like a tame lion.

I really didn’t find any good photo ops this morning but I did notice a couple of interesting things I documented.

First stop, the Coupeville Wharf. A few posts ago I had a picture of a guy pressure washing the boat dock. They’ve completed that and have moved on to the pier. You can see in this photo just how far he’s gotten. It’s going to look great when it’s all done.


Because the wind was blowing pretty good I tried to walk in the lea of the island. That worked pretty well. I walked out Madrona Way and noticed something really disturbing. The Madrona trees appear to be dying.

Madrona Way is lined with beautiful, red barked, Madrona trees. The road goes west from Coupeville for three miles to highway 20 along scenic Penn Cove, the mussel farm and Kennedy Lagoon. Sadly it looks like about 70% – 80% of the trees are dying. I don’t know if anything is being done to try and save them. Doing a quick search on the internet it sounds like it could be one of several causes; foliage diseases, branch dieback and trunk canker diseases, and root diseases.


It was good to see you all today as we had a nice four mile walk, whew! I hope to see you again tomorrow.


Spring is a great time of year. The flowers are beautiful, the air is fresh and their is a feeling of newness.

This morning’s walk got me noticing how much ending there is and how many new beginnings their are. It was most noticeable in the flowers. Here are some endings and beginnings for you.

These Tulips are still beautiful even though they are on their way out.


Meanwhile pink ones were on their way out and the purple ones were just beginning.


The Peonies are just beginning and will be beautiful in a few days.


This Madrona tree still has last years leaves while the new growth is growing green.


The road that leads into Coupeville from the west is Madrona Way. It’s called that because of all the beautiful Madrona trees that line the road. Here’s a nice example.


Unfortunately some people don’t see the beauty in these wonderful trees. Yep, some people just don’t get it, very sad.


One last picture that has nothing to do with “endings and beginnings”. Out on Ebey Prairie I saw this rock in a freshly plowed field. It made me wonder how far rocks must travel. This field has been farmed for over 150 years and I’m sure all the rocks have been removed. This one must have sneaked in overnight while the farmer was sleeping 😉


I hope you enjoyed our walk today, I’ll see you tomorrow!


Yesterday I showed you the rain shadow we get from the Olympic Mountains. Sometimes it’s called the “weather hole”. This morning on radar I saw the most definitive image of that “hole” I’d ever seen. It turned out to be a nice dry walk, thank you.

3-weather hole

On Ebey Prairie I saw a huge bank of clouds over Seattle and Everett. But you can also see the blue skies opening up in Coupeville.


On  Penn Cove I noticed this really low cloud bank along Camano Island, I thought it made a nice photo.


Just to give you a few more photos around Coupeville, it looks like they are gaining on replacing the perfectly good ADA ramps with the new ADA ramps. I  wasn’t able to get a photo of all the workers for this one ramp but there were seven people there. Our tax dollars at work.


This is “rush hour” on Main Street near the highway. Despite all the roadwork, traffic appears to be flowing smoothly 🙂


Madrona Street travels west out of Coupeville. It’s lined with Madrona trees and this one really caught my eye this morning.


And finally I though you should know that it is Fire Prevention Week. As this sign suggests, don’t let you pets cook if they don’t understand the fire dangers!


Enjoy your day!


I had strange weather for my walk this morning. We had .16 inches of rain between 3:00 am and 6:00 am so it looked like I’d walk in rain but when I left the house at 6:45 it just looked threatening. By the time I got out to the Ebey Prairie there was blue sky to the west, clouds with some clearing to the east and a low fog bank rolling in.


The fog rolled on in and then left almost as fast as it came.

I noticed this sort of eerie Madrona  Monster. It’s a knotty hole in a Madrona tree.


Out on the wharf I snapped this picture of a Heron and two sailboats. I though it made a nice composition.


As a final note, this weekend is the Oyster Run in Anacortes. It’s the largest gathering of motorcycles in the state. The actual event is Sunday but bikes will start showing up this Friday and last through Sunday. Many of the motorcycle drivers will stop in Coupeville.

I believe the town is getting ready for all these “OLD” bikers by putting in ADA ramps 🙂


Sorry my biker friends I just couldn’t resist.


I thought I’d start with the line from “Throw Momma From The Train” where Larry, Billy Crystal, was trying to come up with the first line of his book. “The night was hot, wait no, the night, the night was humid. The night was humid, no wait, hot, hot. The night was hot. The night was hot and wet, wet and hot. The night was wet and hot, hot and wet, wet and hot; that’s humid. The night was humid.”

Yeah that’s it, “The morning was humid”! It did not rain during my walk and I never had one drop of water fall on me but I was wet by the time I got home. It was that nice ocean mist we get from time to time. It’s all part of living on an island.

This mornings walk was just the opposite of yesterdays walk. Yesterday I walked east from Coupeville out Parker Road to Highway 20, 6.2 miles. Today I went west out Madrona Avenue to Highway 20, 8.2 miles.

Not unlike Parker there’s not a lot to see because the road is banked on one side and lined with Madrona trees on the other but it’s still a beautiful walk or drive.


Along the way I spotted some real wildlife and some not so real. I know this isn’t “wildlife” but…


This is “wildlife” and it’s real. This Great Blue Heron was sitting on a mooring buoy by the Mussel Farm. I assume it was fishing.


These aren’t!

14-duck     14-heron1

Toward the end of Madrona Avenue is Kennedy Lagoon. It’s a beautiful lagoon with some nice homes along the shores.

14-kennedy1 14-kennedy2

This is the end of Penn Cove and Madrona Avenue near Highway 20. This is looking east along the north shore.


This is the south shore looking toward Coupeville. If you look closely you can see the red Wharf in the middle of the photo.


Heading back toward home I noticed this little garden lined with Madrona logs. I like the red color of the Madrona wood.


Back in Coupeville I was walking on the Wharf and spotted this Pigeon Guillemot swimming along. Just as I was about to take its picture it flew but the photo still turned out pretty well.


So that’s a wrap for this week. Have a great weekend and I’ll see you next week.