TIS THE SEASON – December 15, 2015

Well look who’s still here!

I’ve been very busy working on my teardrop trailer and have not been walking. While I’m on my feet a lot each day it’s just not the same so I’m going to try and get in a little more walking and blogging.

I know it’s been too long and I’ve been getting “mail”, if you know what I mean, so here’s a little taste of today’s walk.

My wee town of Coupeville is all done up for Christmas. The business along historic Front Street are all lit up and full of goodies just waiting to go under Christmas trees.


As you can see it was kind of a dark threatening sky but I managed to stay dry. We have been getting hit with storm after storm for the past few weeks.

The Coupeville Wharf is decorated as well with a snow family guarding the building.


I’ve been noticing my neighbors old International Harvester truck and it always makes me think of the movie “Cars” and the tow truck “Mater”.

What do you think?


mater2With that I’ll let you get back to your busy day, I hope it’s a great one! Thanks for walking with me.



My post’s title today kind of reminds me of Norman in “Throw Mama From The Train” when he was looking for the right word to start his book. Anyhow this morning was very “moist”. It didn’t rain but by the time I got home I was wet. Despite the weather I did find some interesting photos for you to enjoy.

We had a pretty good wind storm over the weekend which blew a bunch of leaves and pine needles off the trees. Here they are combined into one photo.


I noticed this tree that looked like a mushroom. It’s interesting how it lost its leaves.


I decided to take a walk through Krueger Woods. It’s a nice little trail¬†through the woods that’s only about a quarter mile long.
To the woods!” “No not the woods!”…


We have red and white berries sprinkled in the bushes along the road. You don’t usually see them in a cluster like this. It reminded me of a cluster of wine grapes but I think I’ll pass on these.


I believe this shot of Front Street in historic waterfront Coupeville gives you a good feel for the weather during my walk.


This sailboat looked very lonely in the drizzle and fog.


I also spotted this truly “Island Truck” which made me think of “Mater” from the “Cars” movie. The owner just got the engine back in but now it looks like his tire needs some air.


That’s my offering for today, I hope you enjoyed walking with me. I always enjoy having you along.