MORNING FOG – February 9, 2016

I have some confessions to make about today’s photo. First of all I took it yesterday! The reason I used it is because I like it and I didn’t walk today.

Yesterday when I was taking the photos of the new remodel of the old Robertson’s Store building. I was trying to get a better angle for a photo and while backing up tripped over a road cone.

I went down like a sack of potatoes, flat on my back. I would have been just fine except for the strap I use to hole my camera also holds spare batteries, filters and the like.

As luck would have it the pouch that holds the batteries was just to the right of my spine and slammed into a big muscle. I almost passed out from the pain but after sitting for a while with my head between my legs I recovered and sauntered on home.

All this to say that I’ll still hurting this morning and passed on a walk on a beautiful day, bummer!

Anyhow here’s the photo I took of the morning fog on Penn Cove. Just up the hill from the little fog cloud is where I live 🙂


I hope you put your shoes on and went with out me, there’s a whole lot to see out there in your world. I’ll be back soon!