GOOD MLK DAY TO YOU – January 16, 2017

Today we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King. Here in Coupeville the Lions Club is out installing American flags along the main streets to celebrate. By the time they are done there will be around 100 of them.

This guy was grousing as he was trying to put the flag in the hole but not because he had to do it. He was grousing because the little holes that are permanently along the street had frozen water in them making the job much more difficult.

Thanks to the Coupeville Lions Club for all they do to make our little town a better place to live!


Out with the old, in with the new. It looks like they’ve improved the Coupeville high school, Wolves baseball park. They’ve built a new storage shed for all their equipment and it appears as though they are replacing the bleachers as well.


When I was walking over the highway on the overpass walkway I spotted Mt. Rainier way off in the distance. It’s 102 miles away, as the crow flies, but I zoomed in as far as I could and this is what I got. Not great, not terrible but kind of pretty. You’ll notice that the mountain is “wearing a cap”. That’s a saying we have around there that describes the cloud cover over the very top of the mountain. It means that rain is on the way. There you learn something every day!


I have photographed several white deer over the years but they are very rare and seldom seen. This morning, for the first time, I spotted this young white deer. I’ve never seen one this young before. Who knows we may have a herd someday.


And that’s a wrap. It was good to get out and walk with all of you again and look forward to it again soon although the rain in the forecast might slow that down.

Have a great week ahead 🙂



Happy Monday, hope you  are having a great day to start the week, I know I am. It started with a really nice walk in the sunshine with big puffy clouds hanging around, perfect for what I do!

I start with a play on words as the moon was beside the spire on St. Mary’s Catholic Church. It “in-spire-d” me to take a photo 🙂


On my way to Ebey Prairie I spotted Mt. Rainier, a 104 miles away as the crow flies, and captured the moment. You don’t see Mt. Rainier very often from Coupeville this time of year.


Out on the prairie I just had to take another photo of this barn. I’ve taken an number of different photos of it but this mornings sun lit it just perfectly along with the clouds in the background.


And finally this panorama of the prairie with more dramatic clouds. This is looking toward Port Townsend and the Olympic Mountains.


With that I return you to your regularly scheduled program. As always, thanks for walking with me, I hope to see you again tomorrow!


We have another stellar morning. On walks like today it’s hard to stop taking photos. I generally take around thirty photos a day that I edit down to the few that I share in my blog. This morning I took over fifty photos and they were difficult to whittle down. So you get to see nine of those in today’s blog.

The sky was very pastel this morning and it started with this sunrise.


It’s pretty rare that you can see Mt. Rainier from Ebey Prairie, it’s 104 miles away. But I got lucky this morning and took this shot.


And I also got to see Mt. Baker which is about sixty miles away.


Over to Ebey’s Landing looking northwest I still had pastel skies.


On Ebey Prairie I saw the largest flock of Canada Geese ever. The just kept coming in waves.


For all the times I’ve walked around the prairie this is the first time I really noticed this farmhouse. I don’t know who originally built it so will have to do a little research.



Back over on Penn Cove I saw this seagull with a reflection. People love mussels from Penn Cove but so do the seagulls. This one is setting on a pile of mussels.


And finally a wonderful shot of the Wharf. I don’t know how many photos I’ve take of the Wharf but this one really stands out as far as I’m concerned.


That’s a warp! I hope you enjoyed my blog and come back soon. Oh yeah, invite your friends to join in as well, thanks.