I took my car into the repair shop at 8:00 this morning to have some electrical issues fixed. That meant no walking around Coupeville but it did give me an opportunity to walk around Oak Harbor a little bit. I managed to put in 4 3//4 miles and get some different kinds of photo, I hope you enjoy them.

The first thing I ran into was a bunch of mushrooms. I don’t know what kind they all are but they were quite interesting.




The next thing I spotted, which I never expected to see in Oak Harbor, a mule.


Then at the opposite end of the spectrum a wing tank from a fighter jet, at least I think that’s what it is.


I had breakfast at Frank’s Place. I’ve never enjoyed their food but I though, “How could the screw up breakfast?” Well I guess in a place that’s proud that they serve Spam I shouldn’t have ordered “Eggs Benedict”! It’s an interesting place that caters to the military folks fromĀ  NAS Whidbey.


On the way back to the repair shop I spotted this “Monster Wagon”. It’s kind of cool but not very practical.


Tomorrow, with any luck, I’ll be back to walking Coupeville.


Our contractor was coming at 8:00 this morning so I left early for my walk and it was dark. “Dark” does not do much for photography especially when my little camera doesn’t do flash very well.

It brought to mind an early 35mm camera I had. It was in the early days of voice synthesis. One feature on the camera was it talked only it spoke with a Japanese accent. One of my favorite commands was when it was too dark to take a picture, it would way “Too dak, use frash”. For those concerned that is not a raciest remark.

So that was the majority of my walk and here’s proof.


Toward the end of my walk I had enough light for some scarecrow photos. This first one is by the recreation hall but I’m not sure who sponsored it.


This one is at Coupe’s Park and is sponsored by the Coupeville Garden Club.


Just down the block from my house I spied this huge mushroom. We don’t usually see them this big. Too bad it’s not a portabella.



Have a great week ahead!