HIGH TIDE – March 11, 2016

Finally, a beautiful morning for a walk around Coupeville.

The first thing I noticed at the end of our street was the high tide. For the last couple of days we’ve had some extremely¬†high tides and this morning was no exception.

This is the boat ramp and dock. The ramp at a normal high tide is level or a little down on the dock. This morning it was up and the boat launch was full of water beyond the actual ramp. It’s hard to see but if you look closely, just beyond the left end of the ramp, you can see where drift wood was washed up on shore during the high winds and high tides we had yesterday.


The Coupeville Wharf was beautiful in the morning sun but you can see that the water was lapping at the bottom of the building with the extreme tide. You’ll also notice, in the foreground, all the drift in the water. When we have high tides and strong winds a lot of drift wood gets dislodged from the beaches around Penn Cove and can create a real water hazard for boaters.


And finally it’s “Party Time”, Musselfest 2016!


This weekend the town will be over run with festival goers. There will be a lot of famous Penn Cove Mussels consumed along with a lot of beer. There is also a lot of family friendly activities to enjoy.

This morning it looked like the town was getting ready with two big tents in place. I believe the closest tent will be for the beer garden and the bigger tent in the distance will be for mussel tasting and various activities.


Come tomorrow and Sunday the streets will not look at all like this. They will be covered with people.


After a day of festival going how about a nice dinner and some cool jazz at Ciao Restaurant on Main Street. The most “cool” thing about this is that the jazz group I play drums with will be the entertainment for your listening pleasure. So come join us and say “Hi” to me, I’ll be the one on the drums.


Thanks for walking with me this week and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. If you happen to be in the neighborhood enjoy our festival and hopefully I’ll see you at Ciao.

NEW STORE IN TOWN – March 8, 2016

This morning I spotted a new store in town. I believe it’s been open for a few days but just noticed it. I guess I need to pay more attention to my surroundings.

The new store is “Posh”, “Upscale Resale”! Looking through the window it appears they have some very nice used clothing, jewelry and accessories. They are located on Front Street in the Mariners Court Shops. You’ll have to check it out the next time you’re in town.


I spotted this sign in the window that I really liked and just had to take a picture of it. It probably says a lot about the level and quality of stuff they sell.


The cedar, split rail fence, along Front Street is done and looks great! It’s nice that they got it done in time for Coupeville Musselfest which is this weekend. If you’ve never been to Musselfest then you don’t know all the fun you’re missing. It runs Saturday and Sunday so come on over and join in the festivities! By the way the band I play with “DBJazz” will be playing at the Ciao Restaurant on Main Street, Saturday evening from 6:00 to 8:00.


And finally my photo of the day. My favorite walnut tree that was planted by Captain Thomas Coupe’s wife back in the late 1800’s and was looking especially pretty, contrasted against the morning sunrise.


There’s more rain on the way so walking may be sketchy the rest of the week but if I manage to get out I’ll be sure and take all of you along with me.