ON THE BEACH – July 17, 2017

I don’t know where to start! I shot 96 photos this morning and more than enough came out either really good or quite interesting. I’m not going to overload you with pictures or it would end up like my dad’s slide shows of our vacations 😉

So I’ll show you some today and more on another slow day sometime.

I walked the beach from the end of our street to the Coupeville Wharf, that’s about three-quarters of a mile. I’ll show you the wildlife today and interesting stuff later.

I first stumbled upon a Great Blue Heron and deer. I call this picture “Frank ‘n Deer”.

Frank n Deer

As I got closer the Heron decided it was time to skedaddle and took flight.

Great Blue Heron

Penn Cove is often called the “Mussel Capital of the World” be cause we raise some of the best mussels in the world and they are plentiful, as this picture shows. The rock is covered with barnacles and mussels.

Mussels on the Beach

Mussels also like to cling to pilings. These are the pilings leading to the wharf. It looks like there are a lot of people visiting our wee town by boat. I’ll bet many of the are enjoying our mussels which are served at all the local restaurants.

Beneath the Wharf

On the way back home I spotted this eagle soaring through the sky. What a lovely way to start the day.

Eagle wings up

Thanks for joining me on this beautiful Monday morning. I hope you have a great week ahead and I’ll do the same.


Once again it was foggy but more so than days before. This morning, while I’ve never been there, it felt more like what I’d expect London Fog would be like. Of course like my brother and friend Tom say, “In fog take fog photos” so here ya go.

First stop Front Street. This is the short two block road that runs through historic downtown Coupeville.


Out on the wharf I saw some drips on a fishing line that runs just above the pier railing to keep the seagulls off. They have a tendency to “go” anytime, anywhere. I thought it made for a somewhat interesting photo.


Sadly I’m afraid that the fishing line doesn’t do very good job at keeping the seagulls off the rail. They’ve learned to ignore the fishing line and perch away.


From the wharf looking back at the buildings along Front Street.


Penn Cove, the water that shorelines Coupeville, is famous for “Penn Cove Mussels”. As I’ve said in the past the seagulls really like them and usually get their fill at low tide when lots of mussel beds are exposed. For the first time this morning I saw them plucking mussels off the sides of the pier pilings. Hard to believe after almost eight years here this is the first time I noticed it.


Oh what will tomorrow bring, more fog, hum. What ever I wake up to we’ll explore the morning together.


This morning I noticed that we have some interesting houses around town. Coupeville is known for its beautiful Victorian Sea Captain houses sprinkled around town but a good portion of our homes are just typical house construction of the 40’s and 50’s up to today. But there are a few unusual ones that I though you might enjoy seeing.

This first one was built two years ago and features a solar water heater on the room. The curved metal roofs add interest.


This house was just completed and doesn’t have the yard in yet. I looks out on Penn Cove and has two nice garden decks on the roofs.


This one also looks out on Penn Cove and looks to me like it was built in the late 60’s. Sort of a movies bachelor pad. It’s for rent if anyone is interested.


This last one is stair-stepped to take advantage of the view. I’m guessing it was built in the 70’s. It’s stair-stepped on the other side as well.


Another interesting thing I noticed on my walk this morning were the “faces” in a Madrona trees. The bark of this Madrona is all puckered up and with a little imagination you can make out a number of different faces with puckered lips.


And finally, Penn Cove and Coupeville are famous for  their mussels. Just west of town we have the mussel farm where mussels are raised, harvested and sold all over the world. Just to give you an idea of how plentiful they are around here I took this picture from the wharf looking back toward town. The tide was out and all the dark stuff you see are mussels. People don’t typically eat them off the beach but there sure are a bunch piled up there and stuck to the pilings.


With that we start a new week and a new month. I hope it good for you and thanks for reading along.


This morning I walked west out of Coupeville on Madrona Way for a seven mile round trip. I went to Twin Lagoons near Captain Whidbey’s Inn. Along the way I passed the Penn Cove Mussel farm that’s run by the Penn Cove Shellfish Company. What caught my eye this morning was all the strange water craft they’ve designed and built for harvesting mussels. I know very little about them other then they got out to the rafts where the mussels hang below and pull them up and remove them for processing. You can just let your mind go as to what you think each one will do.





This is looking east back toward Coupeville. You can see the mussel rafts in the foreground, the Coupeville Wharf and then the Cascade Mountains. I love this shot!


Twin Lagoon is called that because there are two lagoons side by side. They don’t look the same so maybe they are just fraternal twins. This is the right one as you look out toward Penn Cove.


And this is the left one.


My “Art Picture” of the day is this old beat up mailbox I came across. I call it “No Mail Today”.


As always I hope you enjoy my photos and comments. Please share them with your friends if you think they might enjoy them as well.