WIDOW’S WATCH – November 24, 2017

A belated “Happy Thanksgiving Day”, I hope yours was as wonderful at ours; family, food, friendship!

We’ve had some really nasty walking weather lately so that’s why it’s been so quiet on the Coupeville Impressions Blog. But that all changed today with a nice three mile walk. Forty-five degrees F, light breeze and most importantly, no rain!

I thought this photo was kind of interesting with the muted outside light and the yellow/orange glow from the interior lights through the window of the 1894 John Gould house.

This Italianate style house is one of my favorites. I call this one “Widow’s Watch” because of the telescope or binoculars on the tripod in the window. It made me think of a time when this house was built and a sailors wife would look out to sea waiting for his return. Many times though, the sailor did not return hence the term “Widow’s Watch”.

Gould House 1894

Not far from there I spotted an eagle in my favorite walnut tree planted by Maria Coupe in the late 1800’s. He’s a little hard to spot in this silhouette but look up and to the left a bit.

Eagle in Walnut Tree

A little while back I posted a blog about the Jerome Ely house that was moved from Oak Harbor to Coupeville. I swung by there this morning and the footing has been poured and the foundation forms are in place.

Jerome Ely House foundation

I also made a video of the move, at least through the first two turns. It started to get dark and sprinkle. If you’d like to see the video click “HERE“.

Thanks for hanging around to walk with me and now on to a nice weekend, make it a good one!

MOVING DAY – November 3, 2017

Yesterday was a lot of fun watching this house get moved from Oak Harbor to Coupeville. That sounds like an easy enough task but it was a very long hard day for a lot of hard working men and women.

If you are reading this on Facebook, please click on the link below to open this in my blog and see all seventeen photos.

The Jerome Ely house was built in 1879, he was the first mayor of Oak Harbor. It was owned by the Whidbey Presbyterian Church since 2008. The rumor is that the new owners payed one dollar for the house but spent around $130,000 to move it.

They took it through the streets of Oak Harbor down to the water where it was loaded on a barge and ferried across Penn Cove to Coupeville. From there it was unloaded and moved to it’s new home on Lauren Street. Here is the route.

Route Map

The series of photos below show it arriving at the Thomas A.Coupe ParkĀ  in Coupeville and being unloaded. I was cloudy and raining when they unloaded it. That’s why the last photo is so dark. I believe you can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

It took a long time to get it out of the parking lot because of the tight turn and some landscape boulders that were in the way.

They turned west on 9th Street and soon ran into two problems. They swerved to the left to miss a streetlight and the roof caught a power line. They ended up removing the streetlight and moving a little to the right to get the power line off the house.

After a few hours they finally they made it one block and then turned the corner south on Gould Street. I took a long time to make the turn and had to remove some more lines.

It was starting get too dark for photos so I took two more and called it a day. These two are looking down Gould Street from where it will turn onto 4th Street and looking up Gould Street toward the turn at the top of the hill.

This morning I wet to it’s new resting location and it looks great sitting in the woods. I just wish I could have followed it all the way but I’m sure they went well into the night and probably the early morning as well.

I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. I’m also going to put a video together about it.

ELUSIVE AURORA – March 18, 2015

I did not see one person walking this morning when I left the house at 3:00am in search of the elusive aurora borealis. According to the astronomical prognosticators there was supposed to be a stellar show of Northern Lights between 2:30 and 4:00 this morning. I got up at 2:30, looked out the window and saw stars, that was enough to get me up and going.

I walked to the high bank above Penn Cove, near the Coupeville Wharf, and set up my tripod and camera. Then I waited. While I waited I decided to take a few shots to see what the night had to offer. While I never did see a strong sheet of colored lights as you’d expect I did get some nice coloring in the sky.


Since there wasn’t much happening on the horizon I focused on the wharf which looked quite nice in the darkness of morning.


Swinging my camera a little farther east I captured Front Street which was not even close to waking up.


Well that was fun, don’t you agree?

As long as I have lots of time on my hands this morning I thought I’d share a few photos from our outing yesterday. We went to Greenbank, here on Whidbey Island, for some business and decided to have lunch at the old Greenbank Store. It’s a really great store and deli that was built in 1904.


They have a sign on the side of the building that really makes me laugh. I wonder what parts of “Man” and what “Beast’s” they serve?


On the way home the Navy EA-18’s were flying off of the Outlying Field. This was the last plane flying as they were all returning to the main base in Oak Harbor. They are not great photos but interesting just the same.



With that I’ll turn you lose to enjoy your day. And what day is it…?


Happy Friday! I hope you had a good week and are ready for the weekend. Of course being retired the days just sort of all run together šŸ™‚

This morning I had my camera pointed toward Penn Cove and all the beauty that surrounds it. I hope you enjoy the photos from my little walk.

This is looking northeast toward the Cascade Mountains. You can see that it’s a beautiful day coming on.


Looking Ā a little further north is this high-bluff basking in the morning sunshine. Oak Harbor is just beyond.


I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this beautiful old yacht. It’s called the “North Star” and I believe it’s a 1952 Setphens yacht. I’m not sure about the length but it sure is sweet!


To wrap up the week I needed just one more photo of my friend the resident Heron. The water was flat, the lighting was great and he was posing pretty.


Have a great weekend and I hope you come walk with me some more next week.


I took my car into the repair shop at 8:00 this morning to have some electrical issues fixed. That meant no walking around Coupeville but it did give me an opportunity to walk around Oak Harbor a little bit. I managed to put in 4 3//4 miles and get some different kinds of photo, I hope you enjoy them.

The first thing I ran into was a bunch of mushrooms. I don’t know what kind they all are but they were quite interesting.




The next thing I spotted, which I never expected to see in Oak Harbor, a mule.


Then at the opposite end of the spectrum a wing tank from a fighter jet, at least I think that’s what it is.


I had breakfast at Frank’s Place. I’ve never enjoyed their food but I though, “How could the screw up breakfast?” Well I guess in a place that’s proud that they serve Spam I shouldn’t have ordered “Eggs Benedict”! It’s an interesting place that caters to the military folks fromĀ  NAS Whidbey.


On the way back to the repair shop I spotted this “Monster Wagon”. It’s kind of cool but not very practical.


Tomorrow, with any luck, I’ll be back to walking Coupeville.


My sister Diane and husband Del are here from Dublin, California, in the Bay Area, visiting for a few days and I thought I’d share a little of their visit.

First of all they have set up camp on the parking strip in front of our house. Their beautifulĀ monster motorhome just barely fits although it’s getting a little crowded around here.


My sister and I were going to walk but unfortunately the weather did not cooperate. Instead we drove them around and showed them some of the sites.

We went to Fort CaseyĀ to check out the Admiralty Lighthouse. This is Diane and Del in to top of the tower.


If you look down the stairwell from the top of the lighthouse you might get vertigo.


Outside the lighthouse we saw this sign but we could never find the “Demonstation Site”, hum?


Then we walked around the rest of the fort checking out the bunkers, cannons and other interesting things. I spotted the Port Townsend to Coupeville ferries crossing in the Admiralty Inlet. They were not as close as the picture looks but due to the telephoto it looks like a near miss.


We also stopped by the Fort Casey campgroundĀ near the ferry landing to see if they might want to say there the next time they visit. Here’s my sister Diane down on the beach.


And Del and Diane with the ferry in the background.


Marilyn’s sister Susie has come to live with us for a while so she joined in the fun. This is her and Marilyn at the campground (Susie in pink).


They seem to be very serious about recycling at this campground and sets a good example for the whole island. What I found most interesting in this picture was the two beer bottles that someone left on the tables instead of taking them another five feet to the recycle bin, nice, NOT!


We rattled around some more and ended up at Flintstone Park in Oak Harbor. This is Diane and Del cruising down the road in the Flintmobile.


We had a great time and can’t wait to do more with them. They are only here for two nights because Del is not retired yet so only have a three week vacation. They are traveling to Montana before gong back home. Next time they’ll both be retired and spend a lot more time on the island.

Thanks for letting me share our day with you.