LAMPPOST REVISITED – January 2, 2017

This chilly morning walk took be back to a photo I took a few days ago. There were questions about how the big pile of vine branches gathered around the light.


After some serious investigation, meaning I stopped and looked closer at it, I found the source of the “Vine Light”.

It looks like the vine started in the base of the lamppost and just grew up and out the top. I believe in the summer that the vine grows over the gate but sometime in winter the owner trims it back. Mystery solved!


And that was it for this morning’s walk. I beat feet home to warm up as it was 28 degrees F when I started. Thanks for joining me and with any luck I’ll find something to share with you tomorrow although they are talking a possibility of snow tomorrow morning šŸ˜¦

TIMING’S EVERYTHING – January 20, 2017

The weather has finally broke and the storms have subsided. Fifty mile per hour winds and heavy rains are not very conducive to morning walks and especially taking photos. But this morning it was 43 degrees F, no wind and no rain!

One of the problems with walking and trying to get good landscape photos is timing. This morning I could tell that there was going to be a good sunrise.

I headed out the door and beat feet for Ebey Prairie for a photo I’ve been wanting to take. On the way I saw the sunrise happening but I hadn’t reached my target yet. While it’s a pretty sunrise there seems to always Ā be things in the way.

Here you see the sunrise with all the power poles and power lines in the way.


When I finally reached the spot I’d hoped for the sunrise photo it had fizzled. You’ll just have to superimpose an image if the first photo over this one. I think it would have been great!


Oh well maybe next time.

Thanks for joining me this morning and now onward to the weekend!


I had a busy day and didn’t get this posted until late in the afternoon, sorry.

I walked 6 1/2 miles inĀ  “Pea Soup” fog, I couldn’t see any further than about 1/8 mile. I still managed to find a few interesting photos for you.

Here’s a good photo of the fog as I walked on the Kettle Trail alongside highway 520.


The Sherman Pioneer Produce Farm is open for selling pumpkins. This trailer is parked on the corner of their farm. What caught my eye on the sign is that Sherman Pioneer Farm Produce was started in 1852, the town of Coupeville wasn’t Ā foundedĀ until 1853.


I spotted this log and it looked like a “Laughing Horse”. What do you think?


I do believe that this boat has seen better days as far as a watercraft goes but it makes a better photo now.


Coupeville in the fog.


The weather forecast if for more of the same, the photo-ops are getting slim.