CIVIC DUTY – October 23, 2017

I had a nice walk this morning under the clouds but it’s supposed to clear up and be nice the rest of the week. The bad thing about this time of year, especially when it’s cloudy, is it’s really dark!

I like to get my walk in and blog posted early so I can get on to doing other things but now I’m not seeing much light until 7:30 am.

My main mission this morning, besides trying to get some nice photos for you, was to do my civic duty and VOTE! Be sure you do your part to participate in this process, it’s how we can make changes to government.

Ballot Drop Box

This fall colored tree and split rail fence caught my eye. It was still fairly dark out but it was partially illuminated by the street light. I think it made a nice effect.

Fall Trees Split Rail Fence

I posted a photo of our fine leaf maple tree last week and since then it has migrated from yellows to a more reddish hue.

Fine Leaf Maple Front Yard

I hope you are enjoying our fall walks and all the beauty it brings. I plan to be back on the streets tomorrow and I hope you’ll join me.


I kind of walked between the rain drops this morning. It stopped raining just long enough to get my walk in and the started up again. For whatever reason I wasn’t very inspired this morning and so I mostly have photos of interest in Coupeville.

First thought a little humor. These Calla Lily’s are just outside the fence of our local sewage processing plant, A.K.A. “Poop Plant”! Therefore “Poop Plants” ūüôā


Not that you are probably interested but here’s the other side of the fence. And yes this is right on Penn Cove.


Coupeville does not have a newspaper but we have numerous ways of finding out what’s going on around town. This bulletin board at Lind’s Pharmacy is one of them.


I caught up to my friends Deborah and Al as they were walking off the wharf. I thought it made a cute picture.


My neighbors just did some landscaping in their front yard and I like the way it looks.


Speaking of the “hood”, this is the street where we live. We like to think that it’s the best street in Coupeville. It’s only one block long and everyone that lives on it are very nice. The street ends at Penn Cove with a boat launch just off to the left, perfect!


I thought I’d warp up the week with my favorite photos of the day. It seems everyone tries to get that perfect photo of an eagle or osprey while looking past all those seagulls that are everywhere. Well just like the deer yesterday this guy needed a portrait so I obliged while he posed pretty.


Have a wonderful weekend and come back next week and we’ll walk some more!


Hi Boys and Girls, Happy Summer to you all!

Sorry about being absent from my blog last week but I had a good excuse. I had some surgery on my shoulder last Monday that left a 3″ gash with 25 stitches that the doctor didn’t want me stressing. So “take it easy” was the order for the week.

We went to our camping spot at Port Susan and just kicked back. We roasted hot dogs on the campfire and had Smores, yum! This week we’re back home and I hit the bricks this morning. I managed to get in a mere two miles but still found some things to photograph.

First off I spotted this mama with¬†two baby fawns. We are seeing lots of babies now and they are so cute. I couldn’t get too close as the mother is quite protective and they ran away as I got closer.


The elementary school is ramping up for the annual Lions Club Garage Sale. It’s always a huge event that raises lots of money for the community. This is just a tiny taste of what all they will be selling this coming Saturday and Sunday. If you’re in the area be sure to stop by, there just might be something you can’t live without.


I never really got out on the Ebey Prairie this morning but Sherman’s Pioneer Produce Farm has lots of rusty farm equipment that I just love to photograph. The morning sun gave this old farm implement a yellowish hue.


Coming down into Coupeville from the Town Park I saw these flowers framing the wharf and just couldn’t resist snapping a photo.


As I approached the wharf I spotted my two favorite walkers, Deborah and Al. They were just starting on their ten mile walk, oh boy!


I walked down onto the dock which was quite low due to the tide being way out. This is what I saw looking back at the wharf.


And one last shot from the dock looking toward Mt. Baker which if just barely visible off the stern of this sailboat. I took my little GoPro camera with me and decided to see what it could do with a seascape shot. Here’s the results, not bad for a wee little camera.


With that I’d like to wish you a good week ahead and thanks once again for walking with me.


Once again it was cold but also overcast so the lighting was really poor for photos. Because of that I don’t have a lot to share with you but here are a few photos of interest.

I spotted this FA-18 from NAS Whidbey (Naval Air Station). It was flying well above a 1,000 feet and it was high enough for the morning sun to shine on it. While it’s not a great photo I thought it was interesting.


Near Kruger Woods I always see these townhouses and think the look like something you’d use with Monopoly.


Two more  snowmen showed up in town this morning.


This one was done by the Pacific Northwest Art School, nicely done.


These were down by the wharf along with the Christmas tree.

Stay warm my friends.


This morning’s walk started out “dark” with very heavy cloud cover. About three miles into it the skies started to drip. It was one of those Pacific Northwet costal kind of rains where it’s not raining hard but it is soaking¬†just the same and with the wind blowing 5 – 10 MPH it was difficult to take pictures. Because I wear glasses I tend to walk with my head down to keep my glasses dry. That is not very conducive to looking for good shots.

I just noticed something interesting, when I view my blog in a web browser and mouse over the photos they darken up a bit more like they look when I post them. Otherwise they tend to look a little washed out, hum? Give it a try and tell me what happens for you.

With that preamble here is my effort for the day.

Just to show you how dark is was I took this view overlooking part of Coupeville and Penn Cove.


I cut through Krueger Woods which has a nice trail although it too was quite dark.


Then I got lucky with the next two shots. It had lightened up¬†enough to get something¬†“photographic” for you. This barn needs some serious work but I believe it’s on the list of Ebey Forever Fund projects.


I really like  the rustic color of these doors and window.


That wraps up this week, I look forward to walking with you again next week.


This morning it was overcast and I got rained on a little so the photo-ops were few. The first thing I noticed was we’re getting a new “Main Street”. Well not new but resurfaced. It looked like the prep was done and the new black-toping will begin today.


Out on Ebey Prairie I saw that the squash have all been cut and turned in preparation for harvesting. It looks like it will be a bumper crop this year.


In a field next to the squash I spotted a flock of Canada Geese but something unusual caught my eye. A “White Canadian Goose” amongst them.


I zoomed in to make sure and while the photo isn’t very good, due to low light, it’s definitely a “White Canadian Goose”.


Back in Coupeville on the wharf I see the rental kayak’s are stacked for the winter. Just one more sign that fall is in full swing and winter is on the way.


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It was foggy as I left the house this morning so didn’t expect a lot of photo-ops. But like my brother Ron,, always says; “When you have fog take fog pictures”. OK bro here ya go.

I like this shed that is being devoured by plant life and in the fog it’s even more interesting.


While shopping the other day I noticed that even though Halloween is over a month and a half away they had all the candy and displays out already. I guess they want to beat the Christmas rush, jezz. Any how I guess that inspired the next two photos.

First is one of several farms that are growing pumpkins and they are really starting to come on.


The cemetery took on an eerie look in the fog.


I’m always surprised where inspiration comes from when you are walking and gawking. I spotted these birds perched on the power lines. I thought it would make an interesting photo and it’s OK but not great.


When I got home and was editing down the days photos for my blog something odd struck me about this photo. It looked like sheet music to me. So I crudely Photoshopped it and came up with this. Anyone want to try and play a few bars?


And finally on the way back home I notices these chimney vents and thought they looked like 1550 Comb Morion Helmets.


What do you think?


Have a great day!


This blog is “for the birds”. During this past week I seemed to noticed a lot of birds and I’ve been working on my skills to capture some of them. You have to understand that birds have a built in sense as to when you are putting the camera to your eye and zooming in preparing to¬†take their picture. Just as you are squeezing the button they take flight. I have a rather large collection of blurred birds taking flight and blank sky with no visible birds.

Below are a collection of birds I did manage to capture this week during my daily walks. I’m not sure what they all are but will make some guesses. If you want a bigger look at these birds you can click on the image to make it larger.

Not sure what these are but I liked the silhouettes, great flappers.

12-bird01     12-bird05




12-bird11      12-bird02

Great Blue Heron

12-bird09     12-bird06

Red Tail Hawk and ?

12-bird07     12-bird08

So I guess I’m gaining on it. I think I’ll keep working at this and over time I’m sure I’ll have even more and better bird shots.

Thanks for flying with me and have a great weekend.