MORNING MOON – March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Sadly I didn’t get much green for all my Irish friends but I did get a couple of photos for you. They’re not great but felt I had to post something.

The moon was just a sliver in the morning light and had a nice contrast against the pine tree.


I usually try really hard to keep power, cable and telephone lines out of my photos. Sometimes I even Photoshop them out but not today. I call this one “Converging Lines”. I’m not sure why but I found it kind of interesting. Your impression may vary.


Have a great day and go find something green.


I have to go off island, across the pond, to the mainland today so walked early. Of course not even one month into winters darkness it was “dark”! It was still dark when I got home so not much to share in the world of photography.

I did take one photo of Coupeville from the wharf which was really too dark to make a “good” photo. So, Photoshop! Yep I stylized it and here is the result.


It gives it a whole new look but I like the pure pictures like the banner photo at the top of this blog a lot better.