PUFFY CLOUD MORNING – December 16, 2015

Hey, how about that, I walked and blogged two days in a row, I must be on a roll!

The lighting was kind of strange this morning and I really didn’t get that good of pictures. I took 33 pictures and these were the best and not all that great.

It was very dark and cloudy when I left the house at 7:30 but then they parted a little and be came puffy and white to the west as the sun was starting to come up. I call this “Puffy Clouds Over A Sleepy Town”.


Later in my walk, on my way home, the puffy clouds by Mt. Baker were starting to pick up some color.


I notice one nice Christmas display in this home that I really like.


A few months ago I mentioned that Dave Howell was the new owner of “Local Grown” an espresso store with local art, jam and other things made locally.

This morning I noticed that the name had changed and sure enough Dave renamed the store to something a little more fitting, the “Salty Mug”. Coffee out on a pier over salt water, perfect!


With that I’ll get out of your way and let you get on with your “Hump Day”, unless you’re retired and then it’s just another day 🙂

As always, thanks for walking with me.