GOLD IN THE PLANTER – June 28, 2018

Surprise!!! I’m posting a blog for a change. I know I’ve been a flake lately but let it be known I have no good excuse.

This morning I finally got off my butt, clocked 3.7 miles around Coupeville and the surrounding area. It felt pretty good. Unfortunately I didn’t find much new to photograph, I need to get my creative juices flowing again.

I did see a kind of cute display of a tin dog and two wire-frame kids.

Tin Dog and Wire Frame Kids

Out on the Ebey Prairie I took another picture of this farm that I’ve recorded many times. Usually because of the beautiful Olympic mountains behind it but this time I just like the sky.

Barn Tower Shed

Back home the Merigold’s on our front porch caught my eye. They are really pretty this year.

Front Porch Planter

And that’s all I’ve got for you. Though it’s not much, I hope you enjoy them. I’ll try to do better in the future. Thanks for walking with me, you really do inspire me to walk and blog even if I am a little lazy.

JUST A SLIVER – February 17, 2015

Wow, what a gorgeous morning for a walk. It was a little nippy at only 37 degrees F but no wind. I got out extra early because I could tell that there was going to be some great light during the “golden hour” today.

Along the way and just by chance I spotted the moon. As you can see in this photo it was just a sliver and disappeared shortly after this photo.


From there it was on onward to the Ebey Prairie. The Olympic Mountains were standing tall in the morning light.


I’ve taken a number of photos of this old barn but this morning it was just begging me to take another one so I obliged and I’m glad I did.


Back in Coupeville Mount Baker was also standing tall and looking good in the morning light.


And then a “rocket ship” caught my eye. While it was probably a passenger jet I’d like to believe that it was a rocket ship on its way to a far and distant planet.


I hope you enjoyed that little three and a half mile walk, I sure did.

ARTSY BARN – February 11, 2015

I’m sorry we didn’t walk yesterday but I did suit up, load up my camera gear and walked out the door only to be met by rain. I turned around and called it a day, I had other things to do.

Today though was completely different. No rain but fog! But like my brother Ron always says, “When you have fog take fog photos.” And that’s what I tried to do.

I headed for Ebey Prairie first but the closer I got the heavier the fog got. I managed to capture this tiny bit of sunrise before it completely disappeared.


Further out on the prairie I took this shot of an old hay-filled barn in the fog. The actual photo didn’t turn out all that great so I played with it to create an art piece. I don’t often do that with my photos but it’s fun to play around from time to time.


Just a block away from home I was looking out across Penn Cove and thought the big fog bank on the far hills would make a nice photo. I believe I guessed right. I hope you enjoy it.


And after a three and a half mile walk I was home and ready to get on with the day. Thanks for walking with me this morning it’s always a pleasure to have you along.

EBEY LANDING – January 27, 2015

Once again we had heavy overcast which made for grainy photos. I decided to extend my walk and walked to Ebey Landing on the other side of the island. That ended up being around six and a quarter miles.

It really was difficult to get any good photos but the exercise was great! Below are the results of that effort.

You can see from this photo looking east how heavy the clouds were.


This is looking across Admiralty Inlet to Port Townsend. The white cloud is steam coming from the cardboard factory.


I zoomed in and was able to capture the Port Townsend lighthouse just as the red beacon flashed.


In the middle of the prairie I thought this sign with the vegetables and old farm in the background made an interesting photo.


Of course, as I’m typing this blog, the sun just came out, go figure!

Thanks for walking with me today I really enjoyed it.


Another beautiful morning walking around Coupeville and the Ebey Prairie. I walked from one side of the island to the other and back taking way too many photos. Even though I took  bunch I hope you can take the time to look at them all.

The sunrise was spectacular once again.


The moon was still full and it caught my attention as I walked under a light pole. It made me think of what it would be like if instead of sodium-vapor streetlights they were all moonlight.


Here’s a little closer look at that light source.


I walked along the bluff trail to Ebey’s Landing. The morning light was really wonderful.


Where the bluff trail turns east you can look down on the beach where I saw a group of fisherman trying to lure the illusive salmon.


From there on the birds got all of my attention. When I took this picture I thought it was better than it turned out but still it was interesting to see a blackbird attacking a hawk.


Heading back across the prairie I caught this hawk in flight. It was cruising the fields looking for small critters.


Back on the north side of the island, out on the wharf, I spotted this Great Blue Heron down on the dock. I don’t know why it was looking at this small space between docks, I don’t think it could catch any fish there.


As I was walking off the wharf I spotted these seagulls swimming, flying and sitting on the beach. I thought it was an interesting photo.


And finally I spotted these birds sitting on the dock. It’s Al and Deborah, two friends that I cross paths with on Monday’s, Wednesday’s and Friday’s. Those are the days they walk and they walk ten miles each day. I think Deborah walks every day.


What a great way to wrap up this week. I’m not sure what next week will be like as rain is in the forecast. Have a great weekend.

“WHERE’S WALDO”, a.k.a. KennyB [ME]

I’ve been off line for a couple of days but this morning I’m back. I thought it would be fun to share where all I’ve been lately. First of all a small New England seaside village.



Moving further west I get into the farmlands of Iowa.



And Kansas



Still continuing west I hit the Great Planes and the remnants of the life in the mid 1800’s.



Traveling across the prairie I come to the Rocky Mountains and a beautiful ski lodge settle in the heavily wooded mountains.



And finally I arrive at the Beautiful Pacific Ocean.



The only thing that truly amazing about this trip is all these photos were take around Coupeville and the Ebey Reserve.


Sometimes I find it hard to believe that I live in such a diverse area compacted into such a small space. I love it, I hope you do to.


While walking this morning I happened to look up and saw this interesting chimney on an old Victorian bed and breakfast, The Compass Rose. That gave me the idea to check out other old chimneys around Coupeville.


If you haven’t looked up lately to see chimneys on the homes in your town the is more than likely what you’ll see.


Not very exciting compared to these grand old brick chimneys that were built in the late 1800’s.

22-chimney-02    22-chimney-03    22-chimney-04

22-chimney-05    22-chimney-06    22-chimney-07

22-chimney-08        22-chimney-09

22-chimney-10    22-chimney-11    22-chimney-12

And then there’s the chimney on our 1953 home, still brick but not very fancy.


And now for something  completely different! Covered wagons were the choice for moving families across the prairies of the west. They were often called “schooners” or “ships of the prairie”. There are no covered wagons  around Coupeville because it’s on a island and the only way to get here was by ship. Imagine my surprise when I saw this ship going across our prairie! It must have been pretty close to shore to appear this big.


And that was my walking and gawking effort for today. I hope you enjoyed it and if there’s anything you’re interested in seeing from around my wee town just make a comment and I’ll try to accommodate your request.