PATCHY FOG – October 9, 2017

This morning I saw something on my walk that disturbed me but I not really sure of the emotion. I showed you this “witch” on one of my walks last week.

Witch in Wheel Chair

Apparently someone needed the wheelchair more than Dorthy did because this morning it was gone. The mixed emotion comes from the total disregard for the display but perhaps a person who really needed a wheelchair.

Dorthy on Ground

Through the fog I spotted the Sherman Pioneer Farm pumpkin truck advertising their pumpkins for sale. It is parked along side of the highway. You can see the Olympic Mountains in the background.

Pumpkin Truck in Fog

This little patch of tule fog caught my eye because of the layers and the gap in-between, very odd.

Tule Fog Separation Line

With that we start a new week. I hope you have a really good one and thanks for walking with me.

SHERMAN’S PIONEER FARMS – October 14, 2015

This morning I walked over to Sherman’s Pioneer Farms to see how hey have their pumpkins arranged this year. I was pleased to see that they had drug this old McCormick-Deering tractor.


Here’s another view toward the other side of the farm. I love the contrast between the green grass, orange pumpkins and red buildings.


The Sherman’s always seem to display something that’s current. This year the hot ticket is “Minions” so you get “hay-round Minions”.


If you’re ever in Coupeville around Halloween be sure to swing by Sherman’s Pioneer Farms. They even have a trebuchet for Pumpkin Chunkin on the weekends.

As always, thanks for walking with me, I hope you enjoyed that.


Today was the last day for Coupeville’s Saturday Market and what a party it was. Unfortunately the weatherman did not cooperate and it poured. There was a brief moment of sunshine between rain squalls and wouldn’t you know that as soon as the relay races were over the sun came out for the rest of the day.

Here are a few photos of the day.

During the first sun break I caught this little girl being amazed by the size of the giant pumpkins. There were more to come but that’s all I caught.


Next to the pumpkins I spotted the largest rutabaga I’d ever seen.


I thought this shot of the Island Life booth summed up the hearty folks of Whidbey Island. I met Sean, who owns Island Life clothing for the first time and we had a nice chat. When you think of “Island Life” you don’t usually think of umbrellas at the same time.


The main event was the relay races. Teams were fielded to perform five relay tasks. One person or two would complete a task and then carry the “gourd baton” to the next task. Unfortunately it began raining and blowing so hard we only stayed for two teams. Here are some photos of the race.

The “Egg Toss”. When the clock started the catcher suited up in a blue rain slicker and goggles. As soon as an egg is caught or three eggs are tossed the baton moves on.


The “Radish Hunt” required finding twenty radishes in the hay bail and placing them in a bucket.


Corn shucking required the contestants to shuck three ears of corn to the satisfaction of the judges before moving the baton forward.


I didn’t get the “Rutabaga Toss” where rutabaga’s are tossed through the hoops you see in the back ground in the photo above.

Finally they had to place five squash into a wheelbarrow and run to the finish line.


It’s unfortunate that it rained so hard on all these great contestants but as you can see, despite the weather, there was a pretty good crowd in attendance.

So that wraps up the Coupeville Saturday Market for another year. We sure will miss all the really fresh, locally grown, fabulous vegetables and fruit.


It’s that time of year when things really start to change. It gets colder, it gets cloudier, it gets wetter and it gets prettier. The leaves are finally starting to change and this was the best example I could find this morning during my walk.


Another sign of change is the hay is in the barn and ready to feed the animals through the winter.


The pumpkins are orange and everyone is getting ready for the Haunting of Coupeville. This picture was taken at Sherman’s Pioneer Produce Farm. Not only do they have pumpkins, they have lots to entertain visitors. Corn maze, hay maze, hay rides and trebuchet pumpkin chunkin’.


It looks like their old trebuchet will soon be replaced by a newer and bigger one.


Another thing that’s changed is kids are back in school. Everyone seems to really slow down when school first starts up but how soon they forget. This is just a public service reminder to slow down in school zones!


Finally, while not a change, I did manage to catch this interesting photo of a Heron in flight. I played with the photo a bit and kind of like the results. Your taste may vary.


Have a wonderful day and thanks for walking with me.


It’s hard to believe that October is already here, what happened to September?

This mornings walk was with the threat of rain but I made 4 1/2 miles without a drop. Along the way I saw a number of things that look like October. But first I want to share a couple of things that caught my eye.

This is our nemesis, the feared Raccoon! Well actually it’s our fish that fear the Raccoon’s. We have a large fish pond with 30 to 40 fish that the Raccoon’s just love to eat. We cover our pond with a net that detours them but they still try and often tear up our net.


With the national, state and city debt so high why are we replacing ADA sidewalk ramps with new ADA sidewalk ramps?


OK, the first real sign of October I saw was at our local Prairie Center grocery store.


Out on the Ebey Prairie I saw a lot more snow on the Olympic Mountains then before. You kind of have to look hard but the snow is about half way down.


Remember all the squash I showed you yesterday? They have been harvested and the field is empty.


The birds are really grouping up on the power lines.


And finally – BOO!


I hope you enjoy the month ahead as I’m sure we will.


As we “fall” into Autumn it’s hard not to see signs of the changing season. This morning I collected a number of photos that show just how things are changing.

This is the first tree I’ve seen that has really started to take on fall colors.


It looks like the birds have vacated their home for the duration.


The Canada Geese are forming up and filling up on the grain left in the fields.


Of course with that comes the hunters. I spotted these guys a long way away in a field hunting for ducks or geese.


I guess this is why they like to hunt in the particular field.


Sherman’s Prairie Produce Farm has their hay bails all painted up and ready to place in the fields around their farm advertising the fact that they sell pumpkins.


They have been harvesting their pumpkin crop and have a large truck trailer loaded and ready to go to stores around the area.


And finally, one of the least liked signs of the season for kids.


Have a great day and enjoy the seasonal changes.