I’m sorry for the long gap between posts but I’ve been busy, so to speak. My five minute radiation treatments in Kirkland require a five hour effort with the driving, ferries, parking and some wait time. The treatments are going well and I have ONLY five weeks to go!

I thought I’d share some photos I’ve taken on my trips to the mainland. All of these are from the ferry boat.

Headless Seagulls


A flock of different waterfowl.


Washington State Ferry with the Cascade Mountains in the background.


The Super Bowl Champs 747 flying into Payne Field.


And one from home. It’s been freezing here for the past few days and our fish pond is freezing over. The water pump made an odd shaped ice sculpture that looks like a bed pan. 🙂


And with that I’m off to another appointment. Have a great weekend!


Well almost “Not Coupeville”!

Yesterday I started a 7 1/2 week adventure of radiation treatments, five days a week, to get after whatever remains of my prostate cancer 🙂 This is going to cut into my walking but mostly my blogging time. I’ll try and do my best but it might get a little sketchy at times.

Here’s a shot from the radiation waiting room, nice “digs”.


And here I am all ready to start my adventure.


I did walk yesterday but in Woodinville, WA. After my first treatment I walked along Sammamish Creek. It’s a very nice walking trail and I managed to get in three miles. Here’s a shot of the creek and trail.


The bridge that goes over the creek has these great dragonflies on each corner.


I had dinner at the Red Hook Brewery, one of my favorite places.

23-red-hook 23-sign

One of the things I like about it is the wide selection of beers, yum!


This morning I did get out for a nice little walk but not a lot to shoot. Capt. Thomas Coupe Park reminded me that it’s still winter even though we have some buds starting to poke out in our barrel garden.


OK, I’m off to my treatment. Have a great day and I hope to have you walk with me tomorrow.